Spend a weekend comfortably in bed and gamble without having to get up because something is missing? The Japanese company Bauhütte now makes this possible with its furniture and shows which constellations exist.

If you used to gamble in the comfortable gaming chair or from the sofa, you are no longer up to date. At least if it's after the Japanese Bauhütte company goes. The company focuses primarily on the needs of players worldwide – and has among other things numerous pieces of furniture on offer that could make your life a little more pleasant.

There are a few games that you can play comfortably in bed:

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A bed in the cornfield

No, you don't have to go out into the fields, but see what is presented Gamer bed just as cozy, if not better. Actually it is not a bed in itself, but a combination of different pieces of furniture that together with a bed is a small one Paradise for gamers create.

Equipped with various pillows, tables, cupboards and shelves there is enough space to store drinks, nibbles, games, controllers, monitors and much more; and still have it cozy. Most furniture is also adjustable in height, so extremely variable:

What do you think of this compilation? Could you imagine spending a weekend or even your vacation in this bed? Please give us your opinion in the comments.