Blizzard announces board game on MMORPG

from Andreas Bertits
Do you want to play World of Warcraft as a board game? Blizzard and Days of Wonders announced with Small World of Warcraft an implementation that deals with the battle between Horde and Alliance.

The newly announced board game Small World of Warcraft focuses on the core story of the MMORPG, the war between the Horde and the Alliance.

Warcraft on the game board

The board game is about conquering territories of the world Azeroth. Two to five players fight for control of multiple islands. It is important to choose the right combination of races and special forces. You can choose between 16 races. If you have made a claim to a piece of land, you have to defeat your neighbors and expand your area. If you occupy legendary locations and control magical artifacts, you will reach new levels of rule and become more and more powerful. But keeping and defending your empire is not that easy.

A war in Small World of Warcraft (buy now for € 39.99) should last between 40 and 80 minutes, depending on how many people are involved. The game is aimed at players ages 10 and up. The board game is scheduled to be released this summer, at least in the United States.

Source: PCGamer

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