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Blizzard recently launched a new Mythic Plus tournament that has nothing to do with the MDI. Under the name “The Great Push”, players try to complete the keystone not on time, but on the highest level of difficulty.

Instead of completing the given Mythic Plus keystones as quickly as possible to about +18 as with the MDI (Mythic Dungeon International), the recently announced one works M+-Turnier “The Great Push” not about winning the race against time, but simply completing the highest level of difficulty.

Teams can register for the tournament, which takes place on the tournament realm, until May 17th. The qualification rounds start on 22./23. May (see schedule below). In the Proving Grounds, the teams receive two keystones with different affixes, which they try to play up as much as possible. Anyone who wants to can take part in this tournament does not need a special invitation to this tournament realm.

WoW: The highest key wins - Blizzard announces new M + tournament (1)

WoW: The highest key wins – Blizzard announces new M + tournament (1)

Source: Blizzard

The six best teams with the highest keystones will be invited to the main tournament, which will take place from 28.5. until 30.5. takes place. In the end, the winner is the one who has achieved the highest dungeon score. There is a total of $ 20,000 in the prize pool. The Great Push is broadcast alongside YoutTube this time up again Twitch.tv. However, players are allowed to view their qualifying rounds as well as the tournament itself via their own streams.

This tournament will show whether the MDI professionals from Limit, Echo and Co. will typically prevail, or whether completely different groups stand out in this format and further enhance their key stone than the other teams. Who himself the tallest keystones on raider.io you will see that there are a few other contenders there who are not represented at the MDI.

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