Blizzard announces period for first tests

of Andreas Bertits
Finally, things get moving: Blizzard has stated that the first tests for Diablo Immortal will start in the middle of the year. But not everywhere …

Blizzard wants to release the mobile game Diablo Immortal Leave time. After its announcement at Blizzcon 2018 was so negative, the company wants to prove to the doubters that a real Diablo gaming experience is being created here. That is why the studio takes the time to do it "right". However, the company has now announced the start of the first tests.

It starts in summer

In the middle of the year, i.e. in summer, the first tests by Diablo Immortal with the players should start. However, only in selected regions. This was announced in the course of the financial report for the fourth quarter of 2019. The internal tests are said to have gone well, which is why the tests with players are coming up. Blizzard has not yet released an exact date. It is also not known in which regions these tests start. These are often countries such as the Philippines before you move on to the larger markets.

In any case, the announcement shows that the development of Diablo Immortal has progressed so far that the first players can be approved in just a few months. Then it should not be too long before the official release takes place. With luck, this is still this year. Blizzard will not rush anything after the failed launch of Warcraft 3: Reforged this time.

It shouldn't be too long now, however, before we learn how Diablo plays as a mobile game and whether we actually get a "real Diablo gaming experience". If you prefer to fight the dark Lord on the PC, you have to be patient until the release of Diablo 4 and when it takes place, is still unknown.

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