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Blizzard announced last year that the mighty Caravan Brutosaurus in the upcoming WoW expansion Shadowlands will only be available through black market auction houses. It was only long unclear when exactly the AH-Mount would be removed from his seller's offer. Blizzard has finally commented on this.

Of the Mighty caravan brutosaurus was THE gold sink in WoW: Battle for Azeroth. Five million gold expensive, gigantic in size and with a unique feature on board. Because the dinosaur, also known colloquially as Long Boi, has an auctioneer on board in addition to a dealer. This gives the owner of this mount anywhere in the world (where you can mount a mount) access to the action house. An advantage not to be underestimated. Especially if the upcoming expansion goes to the shadow countries, where there is no auction house in the pact sanctuary of the individual areas and the way back to the capitals will be quite long and arduous. If you want to benefit from this, you have to strike soon. Because in Shadowlands the AH-Mount will only be available from the black market auction house.

And now it is also clear when exactly the Brutosaurus disappears from the offer of its dealer. And that's not just with the release of Shadowlands. Of the Mighty caravan brutosaurus disappears with the pre-patch. Players who are currently still saving on it now have to hurry up more than feared. This is all the more so as it shrinks the period in which the players know exactly when the deadline is. There is naturally less time between confirmation of the release date and pre-patch than between the announcement and the final release.

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