Blizzard ban players who trade Malicious Cores

from Sara Petzold
The malicious cores, which are used to improve the legendary cloak in WoW Patch 8.3, are apparently affected by an exploit. Blizzard is already distributing bans to players who have used the bug.

Players could use the so-called Malicious cores, which they have recently been able to collect in WoW Patch 8.3 and which serve to reinforce the legendary cloak of Ashjra'kamas, Cloth of Determination, act briefly through an exploit. How Vanion Blizzard had apparently overlooked the fact that the cores could be exchanged with group members.

So if you had captured a malicious kernel from a kill by N'Zoth in the Ny'alotha raid or after a complete run through the disturbing visions, you could transfer it to other players in your own group in the trading window due to a bug – even though the kernels were actually at Picking up should be soul-bound.

Anyone who exploits the exploit will be banned

Because each player can actually only unlock one core per week using the methods mentioned to improve their own cloak, the idea of ​​getting more cores through trading must have sounded tempting to some fans. You have therefore deliberately exploited the bug and are guilty of exploiting it.

Blizzard apparently got to the bottom of things fairly quickly and has now banned various players who wanted to gain an illegal advantage with the exploit. The bans appear to be temporary or permanent, depending on the previous load on the account concerned.

Incidentally, we currently do not know whether Blizzard has already fixed the error because the developers have not yet officially commented on it. However, you should refrain from exploiting the exploit yourself if it is still active. How you earn the Malicious Cores in an honest way, you read instead in our guide on the subject.

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