We only had yesterday Blizzard criticized in a column for dealing with bot users: The ban system works too unreliably, repeatedly reported bots can run into trouble in Azeroth for months and with the newly introduced instance limit, the developers also punish many WoW fans who have never used illegal programs in WoW.

And although all of these criticisms persist (for now ?!), we have to praise Blizzard now. Because the developers have added again. According to one Posts by community manager Kaivax in the official WoW forum Last night, a spell wave washed up numerous bot users from the fantasy world Azeroth. Specifically, over 74,000 accounts across the region for violations of the WoW end-user license agreement should last month (buy now for € 14.99) have been closed completely or have been punished. Most account owners are said to have used illegal programs to automatically collect resources or kill opponents. And the spell wave actually shows its effect. Last night, there were far fewer characters roaming the WoW Classic dungeons than was usually the case:

Kaivax also reveals that while there are big spell waves like last night, the Blizzard team is actually working around the clock to fight bots. Many account closings have taken place in the middle of the night or on weekends in recent months. Kaivax explains that under no circumstances do you want to punish accounts of players who have done nothing wrong. This is only possible through a corresponding control process, in which someone manually collects evidence of the violation of a reported character. However, this is sometimes very time-consuming and complex.

And yes, there have been cases where characters have been reported but have not used a bot at all. Likewise, there were already accounts that were closed due to exploit exploitation, and a little later the banned had a new account and used the same exploit again under the same character name. Such examples can of course be frustrating for players who have made the announcements because they feel that no action is being taken against reported bots.

The challenge for Blizzard is also big for another reason, says Kaivax. The profit-oriented bot companies have only one goal: to bypass the game's security measures and get as much profit out of their business as possible. If accounts are banned, they fall at the planned business costs. Blizzard is therefore continuing to improve measures to act faster against the fraudsters. In the future there will be further updates on the actions carried out.

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