Blizzard continues to ban accounts without control

from Karsten Scholz
Those who handle high gold sums in WoW Classic have to be very careful these days. Blizzard quickly gives you a spell of several days or even a permanent spell, even though you have not violated the terms of use of the game at all. From our point of view, the developers absolutely have to change something here!

The last time we talked about it a month ago: Apparently, the developers at Blizzard are using an automated system for WoW Classic to uncover violations of the usage agreements and to issue appropriate punishments. This is the only way to explain that again and again Classic accounts are banned just because high sums of gold have changed hands – for example due to the purchase of large quantities of black lotus.

Problem No. 2: Blizzard does not usually respond to ticket requests from the frustrated victims (or only with unhelpful standard answers). You first have to whirl up some dust on community platforms like Reddit so that someone from the customer service area can take a closer look at the case. After all, several spell penalties have been lifted this way – but of course this cannot be the normal procedure.

Unfortunately, there have always been comparable reports over the past four weeks. Here are the two most recent cases:

  • In the course of a gold DKP run, a player was able to secure the coveted Raptor mount for 5,200 gold. A short time later the "happy" owner of the mount is said to have been banned. The same penalty was given to a friend who contributed 1,000 gold to the mount. The host of the run was also punished with a 3-day ban. Source with various screenshots: Reddit
  • Recently, an account was also banned, on which there should only be a level 1 character, which serves as a bank and warehouse for a player. He says he makes a lot of gold with his magician and Zul'Gurub runs. He invested around 1,000 gold a day before the spell in black lotus and some other items. According to the ban, he is said to have manipulated the game's economy through gold sales and purchases, which he now denies. Source: Reddit

In our view, Blizzard must question the current system and make changes to prevent such unjustified ban penalties – for example by introducing an additional, manual control instance. Until then, you should be careful when trading if there are large amounts of gold involved. Obviously, it is very easy to capture an unwarranted spell these days. Getting rid of it is not that easy …

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