In the official preview of the soul bonds from WoW: Shadowlands they were briefly treated. the media. The Forge of the Gang of WoW: Shadowlands allows you to expand your soul bonds with media in order to strengthen the class and pact skills. But how do you get media? Do you have to win the items over and over again? The developers now have these and other questions in a new forum post clarified.

There have been a lot of questions recently about how media actually works in Shadowlands. Here is a brief explanation:

Media are items, and like all loot in Shadowlands, they have an item level. At the moment heroic dungeons grant loot at item level 171 in the beta and in Castle Nathria you get equipment at item level 200 on the difficulty level Normal. As with other loot, the power of the respective medium increases with the item level.

You can receive media from a variety of sources including dungeon bosses, raid bosses, the PvP vendor, and world quests and open world content (via vocations). Looted media are added to a collection, which means that you do not have to earn a certain medium multiple times at a single item level.

Media is dropped as personal loot and is class specific. Your active specialization or your loot specialization have no influence on which you get. In addition, media are dropped in addition to other loot – they don't replace an item that the boss in question would otherwise have dropped. Media cannot be traded.

In addition to the media available through callings and a general medium sold in the Maw of Ve'nari, we want to provide one or more additional opportunities to work towards specific media (e.g. through PvP vendors and loot).

As for Ve'nari, we are currently in the process of removing Stygia from the Winding Corridors as a repeatable reward. Our goal is to have the Jailer's Eye in the Throat limit the amount of Stygia you can get.

As with other items, exchanging your media can be a big boost to power. If you use a medium with item level 171 and then get the same medium with item level 213 in a mythical keystone dungeon, you can take it to the gang's forge and enjoy a nice upgrade.

Unfortunately, it will take some time before we can try out the final system in practice. Blizzard did the last night Shadowlands launch date indefinitely postponed pushed.

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