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Some players from WoW Classic were unsure based on some observations whether the weapon Nachtlauer and the associated proc effect actually work correctly. The Blizzard developers took the issue, carried out many tests and now presented the result.

Already with the release of WoW Classic, many more or less ambitious raid groups had a look at the two-handed ax Nocturnal thrown (which are only since phase 3), because the effect of the weapon sounds simply tremendous: with every hit you have the chance that for five seconds every magic damage the target suffers is increased by 15 percent.

Shortly after Start of classic phase 3 However, some players spoke up who, based on their practical experience, were unsure whether the weapon Nachtlauer and the associated proc effect actually work correctly. In one Post in the official WoW forum they gathered their data and insights, and in fact the developers took on the subject to do some tests themselves.

This weekend there was now the result the developer test series:

  • The most important finding: Nocturnal behaves completely correctly.
  • The effect of the weapon can be triggered by strikes.
  • The effect of the weapon can trigger "white" (automatic attacks) and "yellow" (weapon skills) hits.
  • The effect of the weapon is refreshed if the player who triggered the current effect has a new proc within five seconds.
  • However, the effect of the weapon is removed and reapplied if one player has a proc while another player's effect is working.
  • The effect of the weapon can be applied behind and in front of the opponent.
  • If two players use the weapon, the duration of the effect across the entire fight is on average about twice as long as if only one player holds the weapon in hand.
  • The proc effect of Nachtlauer is not magical, but physical. Opponents cannot resist the effect.
  • Over numerous five-minute test fights, the developers were mostly able to measure a proc chance of eight to 13 percent – which corresponds to a PPM of about 2 for a weapon with a speed of 3.5.
  • Even in the trials with the highest proc chance of 13 (or higher) there were long phases without proc.
  • There is no bad-luck protection for trigger effects in WoW (buy now for € 32.95) Classic. Accordingly, extreme situations can occur with many procs in a short period of time or long periods without proc. In very short boss fights or fights in which you have to keep running away from the boss (with Chromaggus, for example), observations that do not meet the norm can be particularly easy with regard to the night-time effect.

How does it look: Are you currently using the weapon to increase the damage done by your magical damage experts? Are you waiting until AQ40 and Naxxramas? Or do you think the effect is too weak to turn off one or two players? Let us know in the comments!

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