Blizzard finds reason for downgraded characters

from Karsten Scholz
Update: Blizzard has found the bug and is working on a solution! Original: The well-known WoW Youtuber Madseason recently logged into Battle for Azeroth for the first time in a long time and … no longer understood the world. Characters deleted years ago are suddenly back. Formerly level 120 characters lost some level up during the break. And the successes achieved in the last decade are also gone!

Update from September 25th:
Not only the Youtuber Madseason recently discovered inconsistencies on his WoW account, various other players also reported characters that were suddenly downgraded or deleted. According to a post from Blizzard in official WoW forum but this should mainly affect players from the Khadgar server. Here is the current state of affairs:

  • Blizzard has been working flat out to get the problem under control since the first reports. We now know how the problem arose. Now they are working on reversing the damage.
  • The "original" versions of the characters are still present in the data. Players who miss characters or for whom characters have been downgraded should notice in the near future that everything is gradually being brought back to the original level. How long this process will take is unclear.
  • Various affected people have already confirmed that everything is back to normal with them.

Original message from September 24th:
In the meantime, word may have got around that I watch the mostly very humorous videos of the WoW-Youtubers Madseason like. In the past few months, the Azeroth veteran has been mostly into WoW (buy now € 31.95 ) Classic drifted around and among other things PvP rank 14 achieved (with subsequent video).

But is known to be the Release of WoW: Shadowlands in front of the door. A good opportunity to log back into Battle for Azeroth after a long break and bring the retail characters into shape. This is exactly what Madseason had recently done for the first time after a long hiatus and made a disturbing discovery in the process – see the video below.

Here is the summary – something strange had happened to his BfA account.

  • Some of his retail characters are suddenly gone.
  • The level has changed for other retail characters. His Vanilla villain Showtime was actually level 120. Now it is level 86, and the equipment also fits the Mists of Pandaria era. In addition, all the achievements he had mastered with his villain since level 86 are gone.
  • Sometimes characters were also cloned. A few years ago his death knight Badseason was still called Bagina. Now there are both variants of the character in the character selection, the almost ten-year-old Level 81 Char Bagina and the Level 110 DK Badseason.
  • Characters deleted years ago are suddenly back.
  • Some of the characters are still in chat channels that haven't existed for years. All the gold that has been earned in the meantime is also gone.
  • Madseason rules out a hack of the account because he uses the authenticator. Also, hackers usually don't restore deleted characters or erase a character's progress from several years.

Have you ever heard of a comparable case? Madseason of course opened a ticket straight away. As soon as there is an update, we will keep you posted.

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