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No other Warcraft character is as connected to Chris Metzen, former senior vice president of story and franchise development for World of Warcraft, as Thrall. With the brand new mini-statue of the legendary war chief, Blizzard celebrates Metzen's legacy and reminds us all of how important Thrall's character was and still is for World of Warcraft. Of course, Thrall's spiritual father gets a statue as a gift. Metzen would like to thank you with a cool photo!

World of Warcraft would be hard to imagine today without Thrall. In Warcraft 3, the young Thrall played an important role in the fight against the Burning Legion. In the course of the Third War, he freed his brothers and sisters from slavery and founded the new horde. In the years that followed, Thrall aka Go'el led the races of the Horde to victory countless times as war chief. And even if he gave up his high office in Cataclysm and retired with his family to Nagrand, Thrall's name would never be forgotten in Azeroth.

Chris Metzen is not only the creator of Thrall but has given the legendary orc his voice for years. To honor this legacy, Blizzard gave Chris Metzen a very special gift a few days ago – the new Thrall statue from the Gear Shop. Prior to his retirement, Metzen led the World of Warcraft writing team and later served as senior vice president of story and franchise development for Blizzard Entertainment. Chris was really happy about the gift and posted a photo on Twitter showing the statue. The beautiful piece is now on the shelf next to the artwork by Alex Horley, which shows Thrall's family in the idyll of Nagrand.

Chris Metzen is not really retired at the moment. He gives Thrall in WoW (buy now € 14.99 ) still his voice, and a few weeks ago Metzen introduced his new team Warchief Gaming in front. This is a studio for tabletop games. You can find out more about the tabletop project in an interview with Chris and Mike Gilmartin. Metzen certainly didn't choose the name of the new company – Warchief, aka War Chief – for no reason. Who knows … maybe we'll see Thrall again as Warchief of the Horde in WoW.

Allegedly, the developers planned to exhibit the large version of Thrall's figure at BlizzCon 2020. In recent years we have been able to admire the large counterparts of Jaina's and Illidan's statue at the WoW fair. Whether the statue will simply be unveiled at the next BlizzCon 2021 or a new figure will take Thrall's place of honor remains to be seen.

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