from Dominik Zwingmann
Blizzard needs a little more time with the upcoming patch 2.6.10 for Diablo 3. For this reason, the test phase on the PTR has been extended indefinitely. The developers have not yet revealed whether this delay will also affect the start of Season 22.

The Blizzard team is currently struggling with some issues on the PTR with Patch 2.6.10 of Diablo 3. Now the makers have decided to extend the test indefinitely. It is not yet clear whether the start of Season 22 will be postponed. The end of season 21 is planned for the course of October. The developers have published further details in the forum.

Accordingly, latency and login difficulties arise with the PTR patch. While the issues are being fixed in the background, Blizzard would appreciate players spending some time on the PTR. The team has presented a few changes here, which, among other things, will start on the test server today. So the shadow clones are removed from the game for a short time.

One day later, the shadow clones will return. Then the makers of Blizzard would like to deactivate the fourth slot in Kanai's cube for a while for test purposes. According to the entry in the forum, it is quite possible that there will be more experiments in the coming days. In this case, the team would contact the forum again.

Source: Blizzard

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