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Actually it was said that Diablo 4 should not get any microtransactions, but now there are increasing hints that we can buy in-game items. This is also indicated by a vacancy at Blizzard. We are looking for an expert in microtransactions.

Even though it was said at BlizzCon last year that we would not be microtransactions in Diablo 4 See, Blizzard's mind seems to be slowly changing about this.

Get Diablo 4 Microtransactions?

Joe Shely, Lead Designer of Diablo 4 (buy now for € 429.99) Blizzard announced shortly after BlizzCon that we should expect cosmetic items that you can buy as an option. Now the evidence is growing. Because a job posting at Blizzard suggests microtransactions. The job offer states: "We are looking for a Director / Senior Director Business Performance who is a master in his field to support the Diablo franchise. The ideal candidate will partner with the design leadership to Define and implement the Diablo 4 business model and live service approach after market launch and support other franchise issues. "

The new hire's responsibilities include "managing the post-launch business model for Diablo 4 to drive acquisition, retention, and monetization while maintaining a healthy community." It goes on to say that this person should "create, maintain and optimize ethical monetization models to maximize long-term franchise revenues."

All of this strongly suggests microtransactions. However, these will probably be more of a cosmetic nature. With a Pay2Win approach, Blizzard would certainly scare away the fans. But to outfit your barbarian with special costumes to differentiate yourself from the other players, that might be something that the community could still accept.

When Diablo 4 will be released is still unclear.

Source: Blizzard

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