Blizzard is preparing for release

from Karsten Scholz
The Diablo team at Blizzard is looking for reinforcements! Two of the three vacancies are primarily focused on the marketing and sale of upcoming Diablo titles. We'll bring you up to date.

What's going on in the Diablo universe right now? Well, it's been a little while since the last quarterly update. In June it was about playtests for Diablo 4, the story, the item design and much more. The status quo report for the current quarter should be available at the end of September.

We've also known since August that Blizzard is for Diablo 4 has an expert on monetization seeks. But that's not the only vacant position on the Diablo team. Adam Fletcher, Community Development Lead, published two tweets a few hours ago, each for a new job offer. On the one hand, we are looking for a global digital marketing manager for the Diablo franchise, and on the other, a senior PR manager.

So you could say that Blizzard is in favor of the release phases of Diablo 4 (buy now € 429.99 ) and Diablo Immortal wants to position itself well in terms of marketing and PR. Can we go to BlizzCon in February 2021 maybe already expect a release date for Diablo Immortal or even Diablo 4?

Speaking of Immortal: Shortly after Fletcher, Lead Designer Wyatt Cheng also gave a job application update: The team is looking for a Senior Quest Designer who can create memorable quest series, prioritize gameplay at the very top and create the concepts for brand new zones.

As soon as the quarterly update for Diablo is online, we will of course keep you up to date with the news.

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