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WoW’s former Senior Creative Director Alex Afrasiabi is dedicated to many items and an NPC in WoW. After the news about his sexual assault on women, which became known recently via a Bloomberg report, Blizzard has now removed the NPC, also because Horde players permanently riveted his NPC in Stormwind.

After it became known in the California court case against Blizzard how serious the cases of sexual harassment, especially of ex-Blizzard employee Alex Afrasiabi, are, Horde players made it their task to the Alliance NPC Field Marshal Afrasiabi Killing again and again in Stormwind.

Afrasiabi was one of the earliest employees at Blizzard. Most recently, he was responsible for World of Warcraft as Senior Creative Director and surprisingly left the company in April 2020 after 16 years. Now we know what the reason must have been …

Due to his long time at Blizzard and in the original World of Warcraft team, Afrasiabi are dedicated to many allusions, items and the NPC in Stormwind. In the forum he was also known as either Furor or Valnoth, which is why allusions with these names are represented in WoW. You can also find details from his Everquest time in Blizzard’s MMORPG.

After the attacks on the NPC made the rounds in the reddit WoW forum and more and more players joined, Blizzard removed the NPC from Stormwind. Warning signs from other players have been put up to point out these stigma

It is still questionable whether Blizzard will also remove the items associated with his name from the game after his NPC. That should take a little longer, because there are really countless and sometimes important items such as the item that makes up the quest series for the iconic sword Quel’Serrar started.

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