Blizzard looked again at the night-time effect

from Karsten Scholz
Parts of the WoW community continue to discuss whether the proc effects of weapons like Nachtlauer are all right. This time, the focus is on how it interacts with the global cooldown, and in fact players were able to encourage Blizzard developers to investigate again.

Already in the first months of the year there was a discussion within the WoW community whether Proc effects of weapons like Nachtlauer correct in WoW Classic would work. Some players gathered tons of data until the developers took on the topic and confirmed after their own tests that Nocturnal behaves as it did back then in Vanilla-WoW.

But the topic was not yet over. Because a little later some players made a new observation, which is again related to the proc effects of various weapons. Specifically, these effects should not be able to trigger when the global cooldown, which is triggered by most of the game's abilities, is currently active. In other words, if you use an ability that triggers the global cooldown, subsequent automatic weapon attacks cannot trigger the effects until all abilities are available again.

In fact, the developers looked at this case again and presented their results a few hours ago. Here are the most important findings from the long post from Aggrend:

  • The developers confirm that effects like Nachtlauer's cannot trigger while the global cooldown was previously triggered by certain abilities.
  • However, the developers also explain that these effects also behave in exactly the same way on the reference patch 1.12 client.
  • The developers also found that this was only the case when an ability triggered the global cooldown that was internally marked as "magic-based" for the "Defense Category". So most of the physical abilities and spells that trigger the global cooldown shouldn't block the proc effects. Aggrend cites this as an example Hamstring of warriors marked as "Physical" in the "Defense Category". Demoralization call again falls under "magic-based" and therefore blocks every night-time proc as long as the global cooldown resets.
  • It is currently unclear for the developers whether this was deliberately designed at that time. However, the developers do not see this behavior as a bug that needs to be fixed, because it was already the case back then.

What do you think? Should Blizzard make a change here or leave everything as it is?

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