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In WoW Classic, players have found a way to enchant the class-specific enchantments for helmets and pants on items and then hand them over to other characters (the class does not matter to the recipient). Blizzard officials have now said that they are currently investigating this exploit.

With Phase 4 and the opening of the 20-player raid Zul'Gurub new enchants have landed on the WoW Classic live servers, which you can knock on your shoulder, head and pants. Classic, however, would not be classic if these enchants were optimally balanced across all classes and playing styles. For offensive warriors, for example, their pants and head enchants with defense and shield block value do nothing. And every sorcerer will be jealous of the enchantment of magicians with the bonus chance to get a spell hit.

But although each class has its own enchantment, players have found a way to enchant the improvements to helmets and pants and then hand them over to other characters. We don't want to reveal exactly how that works at this point, just so much: There are several players on the forums and on Reddit who report that even some low-level PvP twinks are said to have already been equipped with ZG enchants.

In one Post in the WoW official forum WoW developer Pazorax spoke up last night: Blizzard has heard the relevant reports and is currently investigating the case. Pazorax recommends everyone to stop using this exploit. Those who benefit from it risk that the enchantment is simply removed and thus wasted.

Incidentally, some players admit that this exploit has already been exploited in Vanilla-WoW, only not in the large number as now. Accordingly, they argue that Blizzard should not make any adjustments here. how do you see it? As soon as there is an official update, we will of course keep you up to date.

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