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from Karsten Scholz
Since the launch of Warcraft 3: Reforged and some subsequent patches, the Blizzard team has become quiet. The developers had published the new edition of the RTS classic from the perspective of many fans with various construction sites. Last night, however, there was finally a sign of life. Those responsible presented the plans for the future of Reforged in a comprehensive manner.

As with Warcraft 3: Reforged the long-awaited reissue of perhaps the best real-time strategy representative appeared, many fans were disappointed. The well-known Blizzard fine-tuning was missing, there were bugs and problems everywhere, which were often discovered and reported in beta. In addition, popular features of the original were missing in the new edition, at the same time the old client of Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne was shot down. And as if all of that wasn't enough, Blizzard continued to promote Reforged on the official website for a long time after the release with a modernized in-game sequence that didn't even exist in the finished product.

In short: The developers had a lot of construction sites in front of their chest to deal with. A number of patches also came, but the Blizzard team became surprisingly quiet. Until now! Because on the last night those responsible have one extensive article released, detailing the plans for Warcraft 3: Reforged. Here are the key findings:

  • Work is currently underway on a concrete development plan that the Devs plan to release soon.
  • The problem of desynchronization in multiplayer matches is still on the developers' agenda, and developers put a lot of focus on finding and then fixing the most common causes of the problem. They are also working on a tool that will help them better prepare for the problem in the future.
  • A number of balance changes are planned. The goal is "To continue to enable classic strategies and at the same time create the basis for a wealth of new strategies." The heroes are said to be equally well suited to successfully opening the game. The way peoples play and their asymmetry should be maintained. In addition, despite all changes "Competitive integrity of the game on a professional level" be ensured.
  • The next balance patch should land on the PTR later this week.
  • The developers are working on new features, including improved player assignment, rankings, profiles, own campaigns and clans.

In the following, the developers go into great detail about the planned changes with which they want to optimize the player assignment. First of all, they explain that the assignment works via a Player Allocation Rating (MMR), which in principle should bring players together at a comparable level in the games. In contrast to the original Warcraft 3, Reforged should offer one MMR per race in all modes, so that you can try out new races without negatively influencing your MMR as a whole. In addition, the mapping in Reforged works globally, so you'll be lumped together with players from around the world.

The latter can of course result in high latency times. A problem in multiplayer games. That's why the developers have already released several updates that have reduced the number of high-latency games by 60 percent. Further improvements in this regard are expected to follow in the next few weeks.

The player assignment is used in three modes: 1vs1, team games (2vs2, 3vs3, 4vs4) and everyone-against-everyone (FFA). In all of these modes, the system first tries to assign you the perfect match for the game for your MMR. If this is not possible, the system lowers the requirements over time. The parameters for the match search and the rules according to which the requirements are reduced differ in each game mode.

  • In 1vs1, the parameters for the player assignment are the strictest. Since it depends on individual performance above all, the player assignment will adapt the search criteria specifically for players with higher MMRs in order to find the best possible matches. In other words, for players with high MMRs, longer waiting times are accepted in order to find the right partner.
  • In team play, it takes longer for a player's MMR to be calculated correctly by the system. For self-arranged teams there is a separate team MMR, the games have no influence on your individual player rating in the respective mode or for the respective people. Accordingly, there will also be separate leaderboards based on the Team MMR. Players can form groups regardless of their player assignment rating. You can also form an incomplete team and then register – then you will not be rated as a team, but according to your individual MMR. The parameters for the assignment are less strict in team play, so that waiting times are as short as possible. Random teams can also be assigned to arranged teams.
  • For FFA games, there will be a table system in Reforged, so that out of four participants, not three players are always clear losers regardless of how long they have endured. After a match, several calculations take place, which determine the adjustment of a player's MMR depending on its placement and the player assignment rating of the other players in the match. This changes the FFA-MMR of a player more nuanced and players at a similar level should also be assigned to each other in terms of MMR.

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