Blizzard removes a streamer's WoW NPC

from Karsten Scholz
In the past few days, more than 200 people from the gaming industry have gone public to talk about specific cases of sexual assault, harassment, and rape. Among the perpetrators is said to be a well-known WoW streamer, whose NPC was removed in the game shortly after Blizzard's allegations.

The year 2020 continues in very troubled waters. In the past few days, more than 200 people from the gaming industry have gone public via Twitter, TwitLonger and other platforms to talk about specific cases of sexual assault, harassment and rape. The list of alleged perpetrators is long, the names on this list are sometimes very prominent.

For example, several women have made serious allegations against Chris Avellone (Baldur's Gate, Planescape: Torment, Fallout: New Vegas, Knights of the Old Republic 2). The developer legend is said to have made young women drunk and then forced them to engage in sexual acts. Developer Techland has already mutually agreed to work with Avellone on Dying Light 2 because of the allegations. The developers of Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 announced that they will not use the questlines designed by Avellone in the final version of the role-playing game (via Gamestar).

There are also allegations against several streamers and Youtubers:

  • Many of you may also know Swifty. The American streamer has certainly been one of those for many years most famous players of World of Warcraft. He also doesn't get away too well in the reports of several women (see tweet below and Posted by Takarita on TwitLonger). Apparently Blizzard reacted quickly here and that NPC Swifty removed from WoW shortly after the allegations. Many reactions to the allegations show that Swifty is very popular. With Mia Rose, a friend also spoke up, who vehemently defends Swifty and does not give Takarita good hair (via TwitLonger).

Many more links to allegations and counter notifications can be found in this reddit post or in this Google.doc. According to Engadget Twitch is said to have already acted against several streamers and Punished to have. An old acquaintance also spoke up: Asmongold criticized the behavior of the streamer colleagues with very clear words:

The online discussions on all of these cases are as contradictory as some of the allegations and counter-statements by the people involved. Many are dismayed and find it good that so many victims are now going public. Others concede that it is very easy to pillorize anyone with unproven allegations these days, and that you shouldn't automatically label every alleged perpetrator with a "guilty" label. How do you rate the whole thing?

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