Blizzard reveals what awaits you in WoW and Co. in October

"Among the angels of the High Heavens of Diablo, the story of Archangel Malthael serves as a dire warning of what will happen to those who stray from the path of wisdom and instead persist in fanaticism. In his quest to end the Eternal Conflict by all means To put an end to, Malthael has lost sight of the higher destiny, betrayed the High Heavens and sealed his own fate. It is important to keep the big picture in mind and not to turn a blind eye to the obvious because of sheer determination. Fortunately With this blog entry we have just the thing for you to keep track of the upcoming events. "

The developers at Blizzard will inform you on the official website again this month about which in-game events await you in WoW, Hearthstone, Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm, Starcraft 2 and Diablo 3 in the near future. Although: Since there are dead pants in some Blizzard games in the next few weeks, the list for the events in the first weeks of October is quite short. But see for yourself:

World of Warcarft

Brewfest (September 20th to October 6th)

It was brought into being by the dwarves and now inspires all races of Azeroth! Visit the Alliance camp at the gates of Ironforge or the Horde camp at the gates of Orgrimmar and join the party!

Bonus Event: Arena Skirmish (October 6th to 12th)

During this event, Arena skirmishes are more honorable than usual. Will you answer the call of battle?


The masked ball (now live)

The school management of the Academy Scholomance cordially invites you to a festival that will go down in history. We're holding a masquerade ball here on campus! What could be better on a gruesome holiday than celebrating the supernatural with a costume party that is definitely not haunted?

Hearthstone: You are invited to the masquerade ball! – trailer

Heroes of the Storm

New Event: Craft Wars (Now Live)

Now we can finally answer the age-old question: Who would fight a fight between your favorite heroes Warcraft and StarCraft win? And you can decide this fight yourself! So get ready – the Craft Wars event is well underway and brings the ultimate clash of StarCraft and Warcraft with yourself!

  • Be ready, the Craft Wars patch is here!

Diablo 3

Public test realm for patch 2.6.10 (October 1st to 15th)

The PTR for the next season of Diablo III is available! You will get a taste of what to expect and at the same time you can help us create the best possible gaming experience for this update. So log into the PTR, take a look at the upcoming changes and leave us your feedback!

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