Blizzard reveals what's coming up in WoW, Hearthstone and Co. in November

No one can hold a candle to Sombra, the notorious hacker from Overwatch, when it comes to uncovering the well-kept secrets of others. It bypasses any firewall and cracks even the most complex encryption with ease. So if you have something to hide, you can only hope that Sombra is not interested. Because there is only one way to outsmart the cyber fighter – and that is to publish secret information before she does. So we'd better tell you what the gaming calendar has in store next.

The developers at Blizzard will inform you on the official website again this month about which in-game events await you in WoW, Hearthstone, Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm and Diablo 3 in the near future.

World of Warcarft

Day of the Dead (November 1st to 3rd)

During the Day of the Dead, the residents of Azeroth come to the cemeteries to solemnly commemorate the spirits of the deceased. The celebrations take place in the cemeteries of all major cities and include festive foods, dances, costumes and much more.


Early access to the new duel mode

We recently got a brand new game mode for Hearthstone announced: the duels. If you secure the next expansion of the game in advance, you can jump into the duel mode now. At the beginning select a hero, a hero ability and a treasure, create your deck and you are ready for a duel!

Hearthstone: Video overview of the new duel mode


Ending Soon: Halloween Horror (October 11th to November 3rd)

The scariest time of the year is drawing to a close. Quickly unlock the new extras beforehand, claim the weekly rewards and face the brand new challenges of Junkenstein's Revenge before the event is over!

Heroes of the Storm

New Event: Craft Wars (Now Live)

Now we can finally answer the age-old question: Who would fight a fight between your favorite heroes Warcraft and StarCraft win? And you can decide this fight yourself! So get ready – the Craft Wars event is well underway and brings the ultimate clash of StarCraft and Warcraft with yourself!

Diablo 3

Season 21 (now live)

The testing phase for season 22 on the PTR will soon be over, so the new season is already in the starting blocks. So why not take a look at Season 21 while it's still available.

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