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Blizzard developers have found that very few users of the World of Warcraft auction house are responsible for a very large proportion of the actions on the trading platform. They use add-ons to automate the purchase and sale of items. These modifications start so many search queries in a short time that the performance of WoW suffers. The developers therefore played a hotfix on the live servers to slow down the hardcore auction house users.

in the official forum of WoW A player had complained that the interaction between the auction house and his WoW addon TradeSkillMaster after a few inquiries, things suddenly went noticeably slower. All functionalities are affected, i.e. the search, the purchase of items or the insertion of objects. The addon was only able to complete a search, which previously took about ten seconds, after 52 seconds.

The Answer from Blizzard followed a little later: A hotfix is ​​responsible for this, which the developers recently uploaded to WoW's live server (buy now for € 14.99) have played. The background of the adjustment: The developers have found that a few players are responsible for most of the "traffic" in the auction house. These use add-ons to automate auction house campaigns in order to gain an advantage over many other players. The numerous inquiries from the addons have a negative impact on the performance of WoW, and the developers also consider the advantage of these addons to be critical.

With the hotfix, all players have now received a certain budget for auction house promotions per minute. As soon as this budget is used up, the system takes effect and the duration of search queries etc. increases. Anyone who uses the auction house as normal should not notice any change. The system aims primarily to slow down the players who perform a large number of automated actions with the help of addons.

Community Manager Kaivax emphasizes that the developers rely on your feedback to further refine the system. The settings should in no case be too strict, you don't want to throttle normal auction house users.

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