Anyone who violates certain rules in WoW gets a ban. To make it easier for GMs to deal with bans, WoW has an automatic ban system that takes effect as soon as a certain, large number of players report the same player for misconduct. It is precisely this system that caused problems in WoW Classic.

Because a horde player cashed out loud Wowhead a spell, while he is progressing on the Scarab Lord questline worked for the opening of Ahn'Quiraj. At first, there was a suspicion that alliance players had reported the hordler en masse to trigger an automatic ban. Blizzard later denied that the spell of the Horde was due to the mass reports. However, the developers also said that players who abuse the system would also be punished.

Blizzard write about it:
"Thanks for your patience while we investigated this one, everybody. After reviewing the accounts in question, we can confirm that the actions did not happen as the result of abuse of the reporting system. While investigating the accounts involved, we did discover evidence of some players who were attempting to file false reports with bad intent and have actioned those accounts for abuse of game systems.

As a reminder, the reporting system is there to help us combat bad behavior, toxicity, and unfair gameplay. Attempts to trick or defraud a Game Master or abusing the system will result in account actions.

For anyone whose account received a suspension or action and would like to appeal, please submit a ticket and our Game Masters will investigate. We'll continue to review these appeals on a case by case basis, and as always overturn and make it right if an error was made. As I won't be able to discuss the specifics of the accounts involved, I'll be locking this thread. Thank you for bringing this to our attention, everyone. "

The developers also added in one another Bluepost:
"We've seen reports that on some realms, players appear to be disrupting those who are working on the Green Scepter Shard portion of the Scepter of the Shifting Sands questline. Specifically, by bringing uninvolved and low-level characters to engage with a required enemy and buff its stats / abilities.

As we did in original WoW (buy now for € 33.05), Blizzard Customer Support is going to take action on players who participate in such griefing, which could include the suspension of the player's account.

It's important to note that the key factor here is the presence or absence of a PvP solution. Players who are doing the quest cannot stop same-faction players (or a Normal realm, any players) from running into a boss that has a mechanic that amplifies the boss from that behavior.

Thanks to those who brought this to our attention. "

Blizzard has not yet commented on the actual reasons for the Horde's spell. So we do not know whether the ban was inadvertent and whether the ban will be lifted again in a timely manner.

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