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Blizzard has released a video that focuses on a Corona doctor who is also enthusiastically playing Overwatch. The developers want to show themselves clearly for the work of the doctor, who claims to be inspired by the animated short film Honor and Glory.

Blizzard is known for memorizing particularly passionate fans in their games or for highlighting them in other ways. Overwatch developers have now done just that with a Chinese Overwatch player named Weiwei, who also works as a doctor in Shaanxi Province of Xi'an and is a cardiologist who supports local health professionals during the corona pandemic in Hubei (Wuhan) .

Because Weiwei followed the Overwatch League as a fan of the Chengdu Hunters team while on call in the hospital and more than 600 hours as Mercy in Overwatch (buy now for € 58.99) on the speedometer, she was able to manage the stress of her job better. She added Mercy's saying "Heroes never die" to her protective suit while one of her colleagues was painting angel wings on the back of the suit.

Weiwei published a post on the Chinese microblogging service Weibo, in which she wrote: "The world can use more and more heroes. I'm finally going to the front line to fight the virus after spending more than 600+ hours with Angela." The post received thousands of likes and comments.

Blizzard became aware of this and organized a video call with Chengdu Hunters players for Weiwei. The team also published a video on Youtube in honor of Weiwei:

In any case, the surprise was more than successful, or what do you think? Let us know and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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