BlizzCon 2020 is on shaky legs due to the corona crisis

The annual BlizzCon usually takes place in November. However, it has not yet been fully clarified whether this will also be the case in 2020. This is due to the currently unpredictable development surrounding the worldwide rampant coronavirus Covid-19. Blizzard Entertainment says it is still driving planning for BlizzCon 2020. However, it is currently too early to say whether such an event will even be possible this year. Here is the detailed explanation:

"Dear Blizzard community,

Under the current circumstances, most of us have different things on our minds than a gaming convention – and that also applies to the team at Blizzard. Due to COVID-19, events around the world are canceled, postponed or converted to online formats. We have been asked repeatedly about our plans for this year's BlizzCon and want to give a short update.

We love BlizzCon and know that many of you feel the same way and you look forward to the opportunity to relax, meet friends and have fun for a few days. The majority of us have been isolated for several weeks now and some are directly facing the global challenges pandemic. One more reason to look forward to getting back together and having a reason to celebrate.

We are confident that the situation will improve again over the course of the year, but at this point it is impossible to say whether BlizzCon 2020 can take place. The health of our community, employees and everyone who helps with the show is our top priority. We will probably only know with certainty in a few months whether and how we can continue. We will definitely let you know when we have specific news.

We want to emphasize that before the recent events, we worked actively to complete our planning. We still do that now, despite the changing working conditions of the Blizzard team. We also play through a number of options and scenarios – not only with regard to the show, but also to your visitor experience. We know that you want to and must prepare for BlizzCon. That is why we will keep you up to date as quickly and clearly as possible.

In the meantime, please be there for each other and stay healthy. We are with every single one of you who is affected by COVID-19. "

Source: Blizzard Entertainment

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