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The news of senior employees leaving Blizzard never ends. Now, with Chacko Sonny, the incumbent executive producer of Overwatch 2 is leaving his post – just months after the game director left the ship with Jeff Kaplan.

Blizzards had announced that they would publish more information about the development of Overwatch 2 in the future. But that’s probably not how it was imagined. After Jeff Kaplan, the game director and the face of the franchise, left the Overwatch team about five months ago, the executive game producer Chacko Sonny follows – this was reported by the always well-informed journalist Jason Schreier.

Bloodletting Continues - Overwatch Executive Producer Leaves Blizzard (1)

Bloodletting Continues – Overwatch Executive Producer Leaves Blizzard (1)

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Sonny had been the Production Director at Overwatch for five years, and for some time also Vice President of the Overwatch franchise. This makes him the second high-ranking employee to leave the team within six months. However, it is not yet clear whether he took this step voluntarily or “was taken”.

It is curious, however, that Sonny’s last day at work will probably be September 25th. Exactly for this day the Overwatch team announced new information regarding the second part of the team shooter. It is not clear whether this is directly related or whether it is a coincidence.

Quo vadis Overwatch?

The question arises as to what these departures mean for Blizzard and the development of Overwatch 2. As Executive Producer, Sonny is (or was better) also responsible for the financial issues at Overwatch 2 and, as the highest authority, is ultimately responsible for the success or failure of the project. If such an employee has to (or does) leave in the important phase shortly before the completion of a project, then that is hardly a good sign – as was the departure of Jeff Kaplan.

Whether Overwatch 2 will really see the light of day – and is in the state that the developers announced several years ago at BlizzCon – some players already doubt it. These doubts are unlikely to diminish in light of recent events.

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