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The Blu-ray and DVD novelties from Monday, February 10th to Friday, February 14th. The second week of February offers a colorful potpourri of films in which there should be something for every taste. In addition to dramatic films such as "Thank You for Your Service" or "Heaven without Stars", romantic stripes such as "Don't tell anyone, darling" or "That's life – Life Itself" can be found. For the somewhat smaller film and television fans there is of course something with "Little Aladdin and the Magic Carpet" or "The Peppercorns – Season 16".

With "Gemini Man"Ang Lee took the plunge into a first pure action film. It is about Henry Brogan (Will Smith), an assassin who is unparalleled but who wants to retire. As his boss Clay Verris (Clive Owen ) but now another assassin sets at him, Henry Brogan literally has to overcome himself, because this assassin turns out to be a cloned and younger version of himself other plans.

With "Seven continents – one planet"appears an extremely ambitious documentation feast for the eye. This collaboration between the BBC and ZDF is not just a compilation of material from 1794 days of shooting, during which 2260 hours of raw material were created. It covers the cinematic representation of 41 different countries – like the title already reveals – pictures of nature from all seven continents of the blue planet, for example the first time a lynx was hunted for a mountain hare or a polar bear attacked a beluga whale.

Here are the trailers for "Gemini Man" and "Seven Continents – One Planet":

Thursday February 13th

title genre buying media providers
Aniara Sci-Fi, drama Blu-ray, DVD Euro video
The triptych of death Horror, thriller Blu-ray cook
Gemini Man Action, sci-fi Blu-ray, DVD Universal
Gemini Man (4K Ultra HD + Blu-ray Disc) Action, sci-fi Blu-ray Universal
Jean Reno Collection (3 Disc) Action, comedy Blu-ray, DVD cook
rat's nest thriller Blu-ray, DVD Universal
Shadow Adventure, costume film Blu-ray, DVD cook
Shoot Out – Gun Hill Settlement Western film Blu-ray Universal
That's Life – Life Itself Drama, romance Blu-ray, DVD Highlight communications
Thank you for your service – fight against memory Drama, war film Blu-ray, DVD explosive
How to kill your wife comedy Blu-ray, DVD cook
Two adorable spoiled villains (Special Edition) comedy Blu-ray explosive

Friday February 14th

title genre buying media providers
Africa Corps 1942/43 documentary DVD AL VE!
Angels of Deah Vol. 2 Anime, horror Blu-ray, DVD universe
German ranged artillery documentary DVD AL VE!
The Prince's Bride (4K Ulta HD Ultimate Collector's Edition + Blu-ray + 2 DVDs) Fantasy, adventure Blu-ray turbine
The mask drama DVD absolutely
The Pope's Daughter – We come in the name of the Lord Horror, thriller Blu-ray, DVD bush
The Peppercorns – Season 16 (2 Discs) Children, series DVD Studio Hamburg
The lost daughter (2 discs) drama DVD Noble
Fanfares of love comedy DVD Noble
Five things I don't understand drama DVD Film gallery 451
Sky without stars drama Blu-ray, DVD Fernsehjuwelen
Little Aladdin and the magic carpet Children, cartoon Blu-ray, DVD just bridge
Motorcycle detectors – pioneers – mountain troops documentary DVD AL VE!
Police call 110: Cold angel thriller DVD Studio Hamburg
Don't tell anyone darling Comedy, romance Blu-ray, DVD capelight
Seven Continents – One Planet (3 Discs) Documentary, nature Blu-ray, DVD polyband
Seven Continents – One Planet (3 Discs) 4K Documentary, nature Blu-ray polyband
Sissi – The Young Empress 2 Children, animation DVD just bridge
Vera: A Very Special Case – Season 9 (4 Discs) thriller DVD Noble

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