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The Blu-ray and DVD innovations from Monday, January 13th to Friday, January 17th. In the third calendar week of the new year "Old Frogman on the Angel", "Written with Blood" and "Fuzzy becomes energetic" are some oldies on Blu-ray and / or DVD. Among the special editions, the 4K UHD version of "The Jungle Book" and the complete series of "The Real Ghostbusters" can be found on the shelves as a media book. Our tips this week are the Eberhofer thriller "Leberkäsjunkie" and the first season of the spin-off "Miss Fisher's new mysterious murder cases."

At the Thursday January 16 appears with "Leberkäs Junkie" one of the German cinema hits 2019 Blu-ray and DVD: Franz Eberhofer is called to a new crime scene. After an apparent arson, a woman's charred body is found. This is something Franz is used to, but the double burden as a law enforcement officer and periodically single dad and also excessively high blood lipid levels take their toll. Eberhofer has to step down, but the investigation and friend and colleague Rudi do not allow that.

With the spin-off "Miss Fisher's New Mysterious Murder Cases" The Australian series "Miss Fisher's Mysterious Murder Cases" is continued with a relative of the detective Phryne Fisher: When young Peregrine Fisher (Geraldine Hakewill) receives the entire legacy of her missing aunt Phryne, her life changes suddenly. She moves from the small town to flashy, colorful Melbourne and is dedicated to investigating murder and crime. From Friday January 17th is the first season on Blu-ray and DVD available.

Here is the trailer for "Leberkäsjunkie":

Thursday January 16

title genre buying medium providers
A frogman on a fishing rod Comedy, crime thriller Blu-ray, DVD cook
Always in trouble with Sergeant Bilko comedy Blu-ray cook
The Jungle Book (4K Ultra HD + Blu-ray) adventure Blu-ray Disney
Leberkäsjunkie – A Eberhof crime thriller Comedy, crime thriller Blu-ray, DVD euro video
Written in blood Drama, war film Blu-ray, DVD cook
Paranza – The children's clan Drama, crime thriller Blu-ray, DVD Prokino
Stuber – 5 star undercover Comedy, action Blu-ray, DVD Fox
Tarantino – The Bloody Genius documentation Blu-ray, DVD euro video
The Ultimate Ouija Box horror Blu-ray, DVD Euro video

Friday January 17th

title genre buying medium providers
The Auto Doctors – News from the workshop – Volume 1 Documentation, car DVD Turbine media
A case for the meerkats – season 3 children's Films DVD Studio Hamburg
The Bundschuh family: we graduate from high school comedy DVD absolutely media
Spring: Christmas miracle drama DVD Studio Hamburg, ZDF video
Fuzzy gets energetic – Volume 1 Western, adventure DVD Studio Hamburg
Whenever he took pills + The secret of the blue drops (Special Edition) comedy DVD Filmverlag TV Jewels
The hunter from the Roteck drama DVD Filmverlag TV Jewels
Jánošik – The hero of the mountains Drama, history film DVD Filmverlag TV Jewels
My life with Amanda drama DVD MFA video
Miss Fisher's New Mysterious Murder Cases – Season 1 Crime, drama Blu-ray, DVD polyband
The pool Horror, adventure Blu-ray, DVD Busch Media Group
The Real Ghostbusters – The Complete Series (SD on Blu-ray, Mediabook) Children's film, animation Blu-ray Turbine media
The Scarlet Executioner's Dreadlock (Special Edition) horror DVD Studio Hamburg
Death included in the price thriller DVD Studio Hamburg, GDR TV archive
For God's sake – Season 17 comedy DVD Studio Hamburg, ARD video

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