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Blu-ray and DVD news from Monday, December 2nd to Friday, December 6th.

With the eighth season comes one of the most successful series of all time to an end: Am 3rd of December the season finale of "Game of Thrones" on Blu-ray, DVD as in 4K Ultra HD im send Steelbook, Jon Schnee (Kit Harington) and Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) are on their way back to Winterfell to join the White Wanderer army. Meanwhile, Cersei (Lena Headey) in Königsmund is preparing for a war that may not happen if Winterfell can not stand the undead …

At the 5th of december you can see one of the highlights of the previous movie year 2019 Blu-ray, DVD and as Collector's Edition acquire – "Sorrow and glory" by Spanish cult director Pedro Almodóvar. Actually, Salvador Mallo (Antonio Banderas) is a director and scriptwriter, but the many pains of old age force his body and thus him to retire. However, when he gets back in touch with one of his former actors, with whom he has not spoken for 32 years, Salvador is gradually back to the inspiration.

Here are the trailers for "Game of Thrones – Season 8" and "Grief and Glory":

Game of Thrones: Season 8 – Teaser Trailer "Together"

Tuesday, 3rd of December

Thursday, December 5th

titlegenrebuying mediumproviders
Alice in Wonderland (OmU)Children's movie, fantasyDVDStudioCanal
Angel of mineDrama, thrillerBlu-ray, DVDeuro video
Attrition – merciless huntingActionBlu-ray, DVDKSM
The Big Bang Theory – Season 12comedyBlu-ray, DVDWarner
To the end of the world (Digital Remastered)Sci-Fi, dramaBlu-ray, DVDStudioCanal
Body Keepers – Welcome to Ice Cold HellthrillerBlu-ray, DVDeuro video
Cagney & Lacey – The Complete SeriesCrime, dramaDVDcook
Cary Grant Gentleman CollectioncomedyBlu-ray, DVDStudioCanal
Catch-22Comedy, satireDVDParamount
Charlie Chaplin Complete CollectioncomedyDVDStudioCanal
The Damascus Conspiracy – Spy between the frontsAction, thrillerBlu-ray, DVDKSM
Eternal Winter – The Forgotten of World War IIDrama, war movieBlu-ray, DVDKSM
Fear the Walking Dead – Season 5Horror, dramaBlu-ray, DVDUniversal
Frank Schöbel Edition – The best shipments from the 80sTV showDVDEuroVideo, DDR TV archive
A spark of justiceDrama, biographyBlu-ray, DVDcook
Gold from NevadaWestern filmBlu-ray, DVDcook
Hello, Mr. PresidentcomedyBlu-rayUniversal
The Handmaid's Tale – The Report of the Maid – Season 3Drama, sci-fiBlu-ray, DVDFox
The ruler of CornwallFantasy, adventureBlu-ray, DVDcook
Hindafing – Season 2dramaBlu-ray, DVDEuroVideo, Bayerischer Rundfunk
The cave – The gate to another timeAdventure, Sci-FiDVDTiberius
far away, so Close!dramaDVDStudio channel, style house
Hunt the foxComedy, thrillerBlu-ray, DVDcook
Jussi Adler-Olsen: Special Department Q CollectionThriller, thrillerBlu-ray, DVDWarner
Killing Eve – Season 2Drama, thrillerDVDUniversal
Sorrow and glorydramaBlu-ray, DVDStudio channel, style house
Sorrow and Glory (Limited Collector's Edition + DVD)dramaBlu-rayStudio channel, style house
Lethal Weapon – Season 3Action, comedyDVDWarner
Lying and stealingThriller, thrillerBlu-ray, DVDHighlight, Constantin
Modern Family – Season 10comedyDVDFox
Monika Gruber – madnessCabaret, cabaretDVDeuro video
My Days of MercyDrama, romanceBlu-ray, DVDKSM
Operation Nutcracker Part 1 + 2 – The Full Nut EditionAnimation, adventureDVDcook
Paris, Texas (Digital Remastered)dramaBlu-ray, DVDStudio channel, style house
Persona 5: The AnimationFantasy, animationBlu-ray, DVDcook
The Priest – Forgive us our guiltThriller, horrorBlu-ray, DVDTiberius
The Professor and the MadmanDrama, MysteryBlu-ray, DVDKSM
Rawhide – Thousand miles of dust (total box)Western filmDVDcook
Rogue Warfare 2 – No man stays behindActionBlu-ray, DVDTiberius
Schindler's List (Remastered)dramaBlu-rayUniversal
Battle in the ArdennesDrama, war movieBlu-ray, DVDTiberius
Shameless – Season 9Comedy, dramaBlu-ray, DVDWarner
Sicario 1 & 2Thriller, thrillerBlu-rayStudioCanal
Sicario 1 & 2 (4K Ultra HD + Blu-rays)Thriller, thrillerBlu-rayStudioCanal
The Simpsons – Season 19Animation, satireDVDFox
Spider in the WebthrillerBlu-ray, DVDConcorde
Star Trek – The Original Series: The Complete SeriesSci FiBlu-rayParamount
Steins; Gate – Vol. 2Sci-Fi, animationBlu-ray, DVDcook
The Stockholm Story – beloved hostageComedy, thrillerBlu-ray, DVDcook
Terra WillyAnimation, comedyBlu-ray, DVDeuro video
The Hunger Games – Limited Complete Steelbook EditionAction, sci-fiBlu-rayStudioCanal
The Hunger Games – Limited Complete Steelbook Edition (4K Ultra HD + Blu-rays)Action, sci-fiBlu-rayStudioCanal
Twin Peaks – A Limited Event SeriesThriller, MysteryBlu-rayParamount
The unexpected charm of moneyComedy, dramaBlu-ray, DVDSony, MFA +
contemptThriller, thrillerBlu-ray, DVDWarner, NFP
Watchmen – Ultimate CutAction, fantasyBlu-rayParamount
Watchmen – Ultimate Cut
(4K Ultra HD + Blu-ray)
Action, fantasyBlu-rayParamount
Will & Grace – The Revival: Season 2comedyDVDUniversal
Young Sheldon – Season 2comedyDVDWarner
To hell and backWar MovieBlu-rayUniversal

Friday, December 6th

titlegenrebuying mediumproviders
At the edges of the worlddocumentationDVDAL! VE, mindjazz
Angélique – Part 1-5 Complete EditionAdventure, Sci-FiBlu-ray, DVDFilmverlag TV Jewels
Angels of Death Vol. 1Animation, horrorBlu-ray, DVDuniverse
Anna KareninadramaDVDStudio Hamburg
The Artist & the PervertdocumentationDVDAL! VE, eksystent distribution
The Barrings & Friederike von Barring – The complete family sagadramaDVDFilmverlag TV Jewels
Black Christmas (Mediabook + DVD)thrillerBlu-rayCape Light
The boat – Complete EditionWar MovieDVDWDR mediagroup, Universe
Chaahat – moments of love and paindramaDVDAL! VE, BollyLove
Charlie Chaplin – Lost Movies Vol. 2comedyDVDStudio Hamburg
The boat – season 1War movie, dramaBlu-ray, DVDWDR mediagroup, Universe
The boat – season 1
(Limited Special Edition)
War movie, dramaBlu-rayWDR mediagroup, Universe
Dr. Mabuse's masterpiece – The famous six Dr. Mabuse films of the 60sThriller, thrillerBlu-rayuniverse
Three men and a summer nightcomedyDVDStudio Hamburg, DDR TV-Archive
The Jungle Book Season 3.3Kids movie, animationDVDStudio Hamburg, ZDF
Fatal BeautyAction, thrillerBlu-ray, DVDNSM Records
Faust – Volume 1: Season 1 + 2Crime, ActionDVDPidax
The murderer of ParisCrime, comedyDVDPidax
Freudenberg – In search of meaningdocumentationDVDpearl film
Gameplay – The History of Video Games (+ Audio CD)Documentation, cultureDVDcmv Laser Vision
The Rogue of BaghdadadventureBlu-ray, DVDAL! VE, Colosseo movie
The history of the TrabantDocumentation, carDVDStudio Hamburg
Heroine – The price of famedramaDVDAL! VE, BollyLove
Hiwwe like Driwwe – Palatine in AmericadocumentationDVDAL! VE, mindjazz
Honeymoon in VegascomedyBlu-ray, DVDNSM Records
An ideal couplecomedyDVDStudio Hamburg
Jessy – The Stairs to the Death (Limited Collector's Edition in VHS Design)thrillerBlu-rayCape Light
Kalkofes Mattscheibe – 25-Jahre: The Super Special MarathonhumorDVDTurbine media
No mercycomedyBlu-rayTobis
The Little Dragon Coconut – TV Series 13: The Great RaceKids movie, animationDVDuniverse
Commissar Beck Doppelpack – Season 1 + 2thrillerDVDcmv Laser Vision
The Congress is dancing (digitally restored)Drama, comedyBlu-ray, DVDuniverse
The king and his immortal love – Box 12Drama, costume filmDVDAL! VE, Zee.One
The King and his immortal love – Box 13Drama, costume filmDVDAL! VE, Zee.One
Lassie and the gold diggersadventureDVDStudio Hamburg
Lego Friends 12animationDVDuniverse
Lego Ninjago – Season 11.2Kids movie, animationDVDuniverse
Lukas – Season 1comedyDVDPidax
Maverick – Volume 1Western, comedyDVDPidax
Mia and Me – Season 1, Vol. 3Fantasy, animationDVDStudio100 Media, Universe
Mia and Me – Season 1, Vol. 4Fantasy, animationDVDStudio100 Media, Universe
With body and soul – Season 3dramaDVDPidax
Oh Darling – Yeh Hai India!Action, comedyDVDAL! VE, BollyLove
Poldark – Season 5Drama, costume filmBlu-ray, DVDnoble
Robin Hood – King of Thieves (Steelbook)Adventure, actionBlu-rayNSM Records
Robin Hood – King of Thieves (Mediabook)Adventure, actionBlu-rayNSM Records
Robin Hood – King of Thieves (Special Edition)Adventure, actionDVDNSM Records
As you want medramaBlu-ray, DVDalamode
A Sunday in the countrydramaDVDPidax
Sunset over HollywooddocumentationDVDgood! movies, Piffl
Taxi Legacy – 5-Movie CollectionAction, comedyBlu-ray, DVDuniverse
Tib and TumtumKids movie, animationDVDStudio100 Media, Universe
West of LibertythrillerDVDnoble

Here are the Blu-ray and DVD releases from last week.

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