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The Blu-ray and DVD news from Monday, November 18th to Friday, November 22nd.

The highlight of this week is a classic in a digital reprint: "The Lion King". Since 1994, the story of the little lion Simba, banished from the kingdom by his uncle Scar and years later with the help of his friends, the lioness Nala, the meerkat Timon and the warthog Pumbaa, returns to the consecrated land for his place legitimate heir to the throne demand. The Disney Realverfilmung will be available as Blu-ray and DVD, but also in 4K Ultra HD and Blu-ray 3D on the shelves.

Also in 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray and DVD will be released on Thursday, the space documentation "Apollo 11". The director and cutter Todd Douglas Miller assembles a previously unreleased 70mm material into a consistently uncommented chronicle of the space mission. The documentary follows the chronology of the rocket launch on the landing of the lunar module by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin to the return to Earth.

Here are the trailers for "The Lion King" and "Apollo 11":

The Lion King: New trailer with more talking animals released

Thursday, November 21st

title genre buying medium providers
3 from Hell Thriller, horror Blu-ray, DVD StudioCanal
Annabelle 3 horror Blu-ray, DVD Warner
Apollo 11 Documentation, Space Blu-ray, DVD Universal Pictures
Apollo 11 (4K Ultra HD + Blu-ray) Documentation, Space Blu-ray Universal Pictures
Daddy's Home – 2-Movie Collection comedy Blu-ray Paramount
The Flash Season 5 Action, fantasy Blu-ray, DVD Warner
Gotham – Season 4 Fantasy, drama Blu-ray, DVD Warner
Gray's Anatomy: The Young Physicians – Season 15 drama DVD Disney
The Healer – belief in the miracle in you drama DVD euro video
The pianist from Gare du Nord drama Blu-ray, DVD good! movies
The Lion King Adventure, animation Blu-ray, DVD Disney
The Lion King
(4K Ultra HD + Blu-ray)
Adventure, animation Blu-ray Disney
The Lion King
(Blu-ray 3D + Blu-ray, Steelbook)
Adventure, animation Blu-ray Disney
The life of my daughter drama DVD good! movies
Love Machine – He does not just have a big heart comedy DVD euro video
Once Upon a Time – Once Upon a Time … – The Complete Series Fantasy, drama DVD Disney
The princess and the blind blacksmith Children's movie, fairy tale DVD euro video
The Purge 4-Movie Collection thriller Blu-ray, DVD Universal Pictures
Rent-an-Elf – The Christmas Planner Comedy, romance DVD Euro video
Star Trek: Discovery – Season 2 Sci Fi Blu-ray, DVD Paramount
Supergirl – Season 4 Sci-Fi, action Blu-ray, DVD Warner
Supernatural – Season 13 Horror, fantasy Blu-ray, DVD Warner
Terminator 2 – Judgment Day
(4K Ultra HD + Blu-ray 3D + Blu-ray, Steelbook)
Sci-Fi, action Blu-ray StudioCanal
TKKG – Every legend has its beginning Children, thriller Blu-ray, DVD Warner
Our big little farm Documentation, animals DVD Prokino
Father Frost – The Battle of the Magicians Fantasy, comedy DVD euro video
Suburban Women – Season 4 Comedy, drama DVD Euro video

Friday, November 22nd

title genre buying medium providers
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn – The Complete Series Children's movie, adventure DVD Fernsehjuwelen
Alone at the front Drama, war movie Blu-ray, DVD meteor
Amityville: Mt. Misery Road horror Blu-ray, DVD Lighthouse
Augsburger Puppenkiste: Ghosts of Christmas Kids movie, animation DVD Universe movie
The bite of the snake woman Horror, fantasy Blu-ray, DVD cmv Laser Vision
The bite of the snake woman (Mediabook + DVD) Horror, fantasy Blu-ray cmv Laser Vision
The Blood Lands – Boundless Fear Horror, mystery Blu-ray, DVD Lighthouse
Child's play horror Blu-ray, DVD Cape Light
Child's Play (Mediabook + DVD) horror Blu-ray Cape Light
Dalli Dalli – How it all began …
Box 1: The shows 1-26
Special interest DVD Filmverlag TV Jewels
Dancing Queens Comedy, drama DVD Universe movie
Danger Close – The Battle of Long Tan (Mediabook + DVD) Action, war movie Blu-ray Splendid
Doctor Who (fourth doctor): Logopolis (Mediabook + DVD) Sci-Fi, adventure Blu-ray Panda Storm
It's Christmas again – be careful with your wishes comedy DVD Lighthouse
The fire red play mobile – fairy tale box children's Films DVD Pidax
Find a Place to Die Western film DVD Great Movies
The Gangster, The Cop, The Devil (Mediabook + DVD) Thriller, Action Blu-ray Splendid
The largest US Western Western film Blu-ray Great Movies
Gentlemen of the sword Action, Costume Film DVD Great Movies
House of Manson – Once Upon a Time in L.A. Thriller, thriller Blu-ray, DVD Lighthouse
The Jetsons – The Movie Kids movie, animation Blu-ray, DVD just bridge
Class German documentation DVD Lighthouse
Lego City Adventure – Season 1 Animation, adventure DVD Universe movie
The hearse horror Blu-ray, DVD cmv Laser Vision
The hearse (Mediabook + DVD) horror Blu-ray cmv Laser Vision
Leo, Lion King Kids movie, animation DVD Lighthouse
The last shore drama Blu-ray, DVD Studio Hamburg
A man who has to die thriller DVD Studio Hamburg
Fairy Tale of the World: Puppetry of the Little Stage – Season 1 Children's movie, doll movie DVD Pidax
The Mercury Puzzle thriller Blu-ray, DVD Lighthouse
(4K Ultra HD + 3 Blu-rays, Steelbook)
Thriller, drama Blu-ray Cape Light
Priest of darkness horror Blu-ray, DVD cmv Laser Vision
Priest of darkness
(Mediabook + DVD)
horror Blu-ray cmv Laser Vision
The Quake Action, drama Blu-ray, DVD Universe movie
The rules of Floor – Season 1 comedy DVD Studio Hamburg
Rejected – The outcast Drama, fantasy DVD cmv Laser Vision
Save Flora – the journey of a lifetime drama Blu-ray, DVD Lighthouse
The call of the whales drama Blu-ray, DVD Lighthouse
Streetdance – Follow your dream! Drama, dance film Blu-ray, DVD Universe movie
Sweet bird youth drama DVD Studio Hamburg
Tarzan season 1 adventure DVD Pidax
The daughter of Santa Claus comedy DVD Lighthouse
Death Dance of the Vampires
(Mediabook + DVD)
horror Blu-ray Lighthouse
Wagner: The Life and Work of Richard Wagner – The Complete Epic drama DVD Filmverlag TV Jewels
The truth about lies Comedy, romance DVD Lighthouse
Magical fairytale box Kids movie, animation DVD Lighthouse

Here are the Blu-ray and DVD releases from last week.

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