Bonus week for pet fights from 4 December 2019

from Norbert Rätz
The next bonus week in the World of Warcraft starts on Wednesday, and this time it's dedicated to pet fighting. As long as this event is active, your pets will receive three times the normal experience of the battles. Also included is of course the Pet Battle Dungeon, where you can dust off an Ultimate Battle Practice Stone via Quest. Here is all information about the event and the quest rewards!

Pet friends, beware: In the current World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth expansion, starting Wednesday, December 4, the popular Bonus week for pet fights including the Pet Battle Dungeon. You can do the dungeon scenario over and over again, but you only get the corresponding quest at Serr'ah on the first pass. This questline rewards you with one Ultimate combat training stonewho allows you to instantly build a combat pet at level 25.

The "Sign of the Paw" buff will give your powerful minions a 200% bonus to the experience gained in pet battles during this time. To participate in a battle, open your Wildlife guide and click the "Fight Fight" button. You will then be assigned to an opponent whose team is as strong as yours. But do not forget, at Chronicler Toopa (Alliance, Boralus) respectively Chronicler Schoopa (Horde, Dazar'alor) to accept the related quest before you sign up to be rewarded for your efforts. If you manage to defeat five players with a group of three Level 25 pets, another will wave Ultimate Battle Step Stone, Have fun!

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