Borderlands 3: Big update and blood money DLC are here

from David Martin
Gearbox Software has released a major update for Borderlands 3. With the patch, the first person shooter is made fit for the new blood money DLC: the expansion "Bounty of Blood" is now available. The developers provide further details in the patch notes. Phase 2 of the chaos mode updates are also on the list of changes and innovations. The level cap is also increased. We summarize the details in the article.

Gearbox Software releases a new update and the Blood Money DLC for Borderlands 3 for download. In the meantime, the patch notes are also available – and thus all changes and innovations. With the hotfix, which you play as usual via the main menu of the first person shooter, Borderlands 3 is made fit for the new expansion – the DLC "Bounty of Blood" is now available. The changelog also shows that Gearbox Software raises the level cap – by three levels to 60. There are also three new Guardian rank skills and an increase in Guardian rank.

With companions, melee or butterfly attacks trigger an aftershock that causes 25 percent of the total non-melee damage you have done in the last 5 seconds. With Dead Man Walking, your ad will drop 50 percent slower if you don't move during "battles for your life". And: With lead or alive, all weapons are automatically reloaded as soon as you go into "Battles for your life".

With the new Borderlands 3 update, developers are also bringing Phase 2 of the Chaos Mode updates, which introduce Chaos damage scaling and chaos gear support from all loot sources. In addition, skill damage is now a possible property in class mods. The changes for the chaos mode are extensive – you can find them in detail on the Gearbox Software website.

There are also improvements for the stability and adjustments of individual weapons. For example, gun damage is increased at all manufacturers. Damage increases are also available for Tediore SMGs, KDK, Dahl and Jakobs Assault Rifles as well as shotguns from Hyperion, Maliwan and Jakobs. (buy now for 49.90 €)

Via Gearbox software

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