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Borderlands 3 is the start of a new event: the in-game event Farm Fever brings rare spawns and lots of loot. The mini-event is active in the first person shooter from January 16 to 30. "In the next two weeks you will receive an additional incentive to farm opponents, because there are special bag deliveries as a reward," write the developers. You can read what awaits you in the Borderlands 3 event in the article. The activation will take place this evening – as part of a small update.

Gearbox software starts a new one Event in Borderlands 3rd, As the developers say in a current entry on their website, the event Farm Fever is scheduled in the first person shooter. The event runs from January 16 to 30 and offers not only rare spawns but also more frequent bag deliveries. You'll get a lot more loot in the next two weeks. This applies to repeatable bosses from the main story campaign, the test sites, arenas in the ring of slaughter and elimination in the Maliwan secret facility, to opponents in rare spawns and hammerlock hunts, as well as occasional targets.

Enemies are more likely to drop Legendary items from their loot pools during Borderlands 3 Farm Fever. In addition, the frequency of anointing for dropped equipment is temporarily increased. To help you achieve your goals more easily, rare spawn enemies appear more often during the event. "If you are still looking for some of the most sought-after legendary bag deliveries and anointed items in Borderlands 3, now is the time to get the loot for your chamber hunter variant," the developers said.

The farm fever in Borderlands 3 starts tonight. Activation is scheduled for 6 p.m. In the course of the launch, a small update appears that prepares the first-person shooter for farm fever. In order for the hotfix to take effect, simply wait in the main menu until a sign appears behind the chamber hunter indicating that the patch has been installed. The event is planned for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. (buy now for € 39.92)

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