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The developers of Borderlands 3 have revealed new details for the upcoming DLC ​​"Director's Cut". In addition to information on new gameplay content such as quests and mechanics, there is also a release date, which is not that far away.

As part of a developer livestream, the creators of Borderlands 3 have revealed the new content of the upcoming DLC ​​"Director's Cut". Although this is not a story DLC like Heist of the Handsome Jackpot or Psycho Krieg, there will be a number of innovations that should bring players back and keep loyal exterminators happy.

When will the Director's Cut of Borderlands 3 be released? (buy now € 32.32 )? The DLC will be released on March 18 and will be available separately or as part of Season Pass 2.

What's in the Director's Cut of Borderlands 3?

The developers have presented various innovations that will find their way into the game with the Director's Cut:

  • New raid boss named Hemovorous the Invincible. He is "lurking behind a door" on Pandora that has been locked since the launch of BL3.

The new raid boss & nbsp; Hemovorous the invincible from Borderlands 3: Director's Cut.

The new raid boss Hemovorous the Invincible from Borderlands 3: Director's Cut.

Source: Gearbox

  • According to the developers, new "Murder Mystery" missions in previously unvisited locations bring with them a "new type of crime scene analysis mechanic" (Editor's note: We don't expect much here, maybe how the investigation of the crime scenes from The Witcher 3?). You work with young Ava, who believes she is on the trail of supernatural murders and wants to deal with this in a true crime podcast – with you as a trigger-happy co-host.
  • The Director's Cut also brings so-called Vault Cards into play: If you activate one of these, you level it while playing and receive unique cosmetics and scalable equipment.
    • The first three Vault Cards appear with the Director's Cut and are dedicated to fallen heroes of the Borderlands story. For example, with Zane you get a skin that Roland's beret puts on him.
    • The remaining two Vault Cards are slated to appear at the end of 2021.

The first cosmetic rewards that we can unlock through Vault Cards in Borderlands 3 are dedicated to fallen heroes of the story.

The first cosmetic rewards that we can unlock through Vault Cards in Borderlands 3 are dedicated to fallen heroes of the story.

Source: Gearbox

  • In addition, there will be "never-before-seen behind-the-scenes footage" that will shed light on how Borderlands 3 has evolved. So be prepared for outtakes, abridged content, concept art and storyboards, and more.

The Seasonal Broken Hearts Day event will take place again in Borderlands 3 through February 25th, where you can earn special rewards again.

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