Borderlands 3 on Steam today – for half the price

Yep, from today you can also get it cracking on Steam in Borderlands 3 – so if you waited extra, your day came today. By the way, Steam celebrates the whole thing with a publisher sale and offers Borderlands 3 for half the price. Kind.

Borderlands 3 has been around since March 13, 2020 too Steam available. To reward those who have been waiting for the Steam release and have not already used the Epic Games store, the game is available with a 50 percent discount, for 29.99 euros. The discount applies until March 20, exactly seven days.

By the way, Borderlands 3 was already so cheap and cheaphe. If you don't care where you get the game, maybe you should go for that Offer from Saturn fall back: Here costs Borderlands 3 for the PC just now 19.99 euros. Just by the way.

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The second paid DLC for Borderlands 3 is coming and this time a wedding is to be saved. Tentacle monsters attack the celebrations of Sir Hammerlock and arms maker Wainwright Jakobs' wedding in Cursehaven. So, as always, it can be distributed vigorously – in the name of love.

Here is the trailer:

There are plenty of new tasks, bosses, weapons and equipment for players as they shoot through history with Sir Hammerlock, Wainwright Jakobs and Gaige (the mechromancer from Borderlands 2).

Gearbox has already announced the direction for the third DLC – it should be about outlaws and dinosaurs.

Borderlands 3 on steam

On March 13, 2020, Borderlands 3 will also appear on Steam. Thanks to a new shift matchmaking function, it should even work on the PC Crossplay between Steam and Epic Games players.

In the new DLC, players can then start on both platforms at the same time. Humming, love and tentacles will appear on March 26, 2020?

Did you wait for the Steam release or did you hit the Epic Games Store?