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Gearbox Software releases a new update for Borderlands 3. The hotfix is ​​available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The developers have already communicated the patch notes with the changes. Players can therefore look forward to better loot. The rewards from boxes were adjusted at the end of the test area. In addition, the developers have updated a texture for the brand badass and super badass varkid. In the article you read the information about the new Borderlands 3 Patch.

Player of Borderlands 3 get access to a new update. As Gearbox Software announced in a current entry on the website for the first person shooter, the hotfix is ​​now available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. In order for the patch to become active, you remain in the main menu until a sign appears stating that the hotfixes have been applied. The Patch notes with the changes the developers also communicated. So a texture for the Brand Badass and Super Badass Varkid has been updated.

The developers also adjusted the loot from the boxes at the end of the test area. Accordingly, all shooting levels are now more worthwhile. "As more players now complete the test site to get special loot drops from bosses, we have found that the crates are not rewarding the player as intended," the developers said in the patch notes for the new Borderlands 3 update. Gearbox Software boosted the boxes "to meet the efforts players have to make to achieve the goals." And further: "The completion of all goals grants the best legendary drop rate and it is scaled down accordingly."

In addition, the new Borderlands 3 Patch increases the bonus radiation damage when the gamma salvo is active from Fl4k from 65 to 115 percent. The hotfix is ​​rounded off by various bug fixes. This fixes a bug around a progress blocker that could occur when players travel to another map and back to the Sanctuary after the Tannis liberation during the Sanctuary mission. In addition, it should now be possible to speak to Brick on the anvil during the Hammerhart mission. Ember should now also appear as intended "to help the player with various mission steps". (buy now for € 29.99)

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