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Gearbox Software releases a new update for Borderlands 3. The developers have already revealed the patch notes. With the hotfix, the two new events Slot Machine Mania and Trials Take-All will be added to the loot shooter. While you get an increased chance of legendary items on slot machines, Trials Take-All offers better rewards at the exam site. In addition, the new Borderlands contains 3 update buffs for the shooter Moze, changes for the weapon balance and bug fixes. You can read all the information in the article.

Borderlands 3 gets a new update. With the current hotfix, the developers are launching two new events for the loot shooter: Slot Machine Mania and Trials Take-All. The patch notes are already available – and thus all changes and innovations. Slot Machine Mania has a higher chance of winning legendary equipment on slot machines. Grenades can also come out. "There is still a chance that other loot will come out, but the quota has been reduced so that you can get more legendary things (and damage)," the developers said in the changelog for the Borderlands 3 update.

With Trials Take-All, better rewards await you at the test site in Borderlands 3. Bosses have a 100% chance to drop loot from their specific loot pool during the event. Both events run until April 9, 6 p.m. The developers also stated in the patch notes that the artifact Pearl of Untold Knowledge now causes +90 percent damage. Fixed a community-reported issue where the Siren Stone Class Mod sometimes increased incoming damage instead of reducing it.

There are also adjustments for Moze. For example, the cooldown for Iron Bear has been reduced. In contrast, the developers have increased the amount of fuel for Iron Bear. Bonuses for the skills behind the Iron Curtain, Security Bear and Experimental Ammunition have also been increased. The Borderlands 3 update is rounded off with adjustments to the weapon balance. For example, The Lob's rate of fire has been increased. The changelog has Gearbox on the Website for the loot shooter released. (buy now for € 20.90)

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