Bottleneck quest in the Ardenwald already provided with a hotfix

from Susanne Braun
In the Ardenwald of the Shadowlands there is currently a traffic jam. Since all WoW players enter the same quest path up to level 60 and to unlock the endgame, first Bastion, then Maldraccus, Ardenwald and finally Revendreth, it was foreseeable that there would be a bottleneck quest somewhere that would ensure that the players would not progress. It's apparently quite early in the Ardenwald – a hotfix has now provided a remedy.

The Shadowlands are available to all WoW players and all kinds of heroes are busy leveling through Bastion, Maldraxxus, Ardenwald and Revendreth. Well, many, but not all. As Game Director Ion Hazzikostas tweeted after complaints from fans on Twitter, there is a so-called bottleneck at the beginning of the Ardenwald campaign. For one of the first steps you should kill Moth Terror the Mighty in order to move forward. So that you can throw the actually friendly NPC off his mount, you have to wait for the hand icon. Many players who got to the site of the campaign have moved on to spam area damage abilities in order to tag Moth Scare for themselves. At some point the technology no longer works and the moth's terror disappeared before he could be boxed over.

Hazzikostas advises you to give Mothenschreck a second to get off his mount so that the mechanics work properly and Mothschreck can be attacked by the surrounding heroes. However, he also promises that a hotfix will be tested that will make the bottleneck less of a bottleneck. And shortly afterwards he turned words into deeds and announced that the problem had now been fixed.

Should you still encounter a similar problem with moth fright, then keep Hazzikostas' tip in mind. Apart from this bottleneck, the start of WoW seems to be (buy now € 14.99 ): Shadowlands to have run across the stage reasonably well – apart from a few crashed servers.

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