from Andreas Bertits
Sony announced that Boundary, an online shooter, will appear later this year, in which you will fight in the weightlessness of space. You are an armed astronaut who can take on different roles. The struggles in weightlessness should not be easy to master.

Boundary put you into space. In contrast to some science fiction multiplayer shooters, you have to adapt your movements to weightlessness, which should lead to a new shooter experience.

Battles in zero gravity

In Boundary you choose between several characters, all of whom you can specialize. For example, you decide whether to go into battle as a storm soldier or a sniper. Each specialization has special tactical skills. However, you have to adapt to the conditions of weightlessness. It is necessary to take advantage of this unusual situation and, for example, use floating debris or a solar module as cover. With your gripping hook it is possible to quickly get from one point to the next.

The developers of Boundary want to create a realistic and believable world with their game and also demonstrate this with the graphics. The shooter will be released this year for the PS4, an exact date has not yet been given.

Source: Playstation blog