Last year, Gary Bowser, a member of Nintendo’s hacking group Team-Xecuter, was charged with selling custom firmware for Nintendo Switch that enabled piracy on the console. Now the court hearings took place in those about the Case and punishment was discussed.

Bowser pleads guilty

Although there have been several cases in the past in which Nintendo sued various ROM sites and took them offline, the US Justice Department recently got involved in Team Xecuter. The group of hackers is said to have earned tens of millions of dollars from the sale of custom hardware and firmware.

Gary Bowser – a 52-year-old Canadian man – was arrested in the Dominican Republic and eventually handed over to the United States. In addition to participating in the hacker group, he is said to have maintained his own website that supported the products of Team-Xecuter. Bowser is said to have earned another $ 320,000 with this.

The defendant pleaded guilty in court. The member of the hacking group could face up to ten years in prison. The exact punishment will soon be clarified in a further hearing. A compensation payment in the amount of 4.5 million US dollars to the plaintiff Nintendo has already been determined.

More Nintendo lawsuits for the hacker group

The current case isn’t the only one in which Gary Bowser is currently involved. There is one more legal action from Nintendo, which is dealing with further damages. Aside from the piracy case, the Canadian faces further penalties for money laundering and more.

via Torrentfreak

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