The PlayStation 5 has only been available for a few weeks, as some players are already complaining of serious problems with their console. These ensure that your PS5 is completely unusable – does Sony have a quality problem?

PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5 with technical problems: Players complain of graphics problems

The sales launch of the PS5 was anything but smooth. The rush to the console is so great that the PlayStation 5 is still sold out almost two weeks after the official release. At the moment, gamers can't even be sure that they'll even get a console before Christmas.

But even the lucky ones who got hold of a PS5 struggle with problems like Xbox Dynasty reported. Numerous PS5 players complain about tech issues online, including horrific graphic dropouts that make your console downright unusable:

These do not seem to be isolated cases. On social media there are countless examples of confused users who publicly display the problem and ask Sony for advice. Reinstalling the games or resetting the console will not help the players either – it seems to be a real hardware problem. PC gamers are familiar with such artifacts from overclocked or defective graphics cards. In this case the answer is usually: Return to the sender and request a refund or a replacement device.

Let's hope that the worst technical blunders on the PS5 will soon be ironed out. Because the first exclusive games look promising:

Problems with the PS5: strange noises and defective drives

But that's not the only mistake players are complaining about. Users also report that their consoles make strange noises and are not nearly as quiet as they would have thought. Consoles with defective drives also seem to have been shipped. However, it cannot be said whether this is a fault that existed directly from the factory or was caused by the transport.

The fact that parcel services do not always handle their freight carefully should hardly surprise anyone:

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For sure is: The PS5 currently seems to be struggling with various problems. We have given Sony a statement on the matter and will update the article as soon as we receive a response.