Microsoft has reopened the Xbox Design Lab, making it possible for PC and Xbox gamers to design an Xbox Series X / S controller individually.

Xbox: Bunt, bunter, Design Lab

You can get the Xbox controller in several colors, but that Xbox Design Lab allows you to completely design the controller yourself. This is now available again after about half a year and offers you numerous colors and even an engraving if you want something very special. Orders can be placed immediately – delivery should take place within 28 days.

You can choose from numerous colors, but it is there only one model of the Xbox Series X / S controller to disposal. That said, there is no Elite version and no options for different textures and shapes. But you can also do a lot with the color scheme.

For fun, Xbox has also designed a few controllers based on some of its games, a special Psychonauts 2 version and a Grounded version are shown. But you have sheer endless possibilities to adapt the controller to your liking.

Xbox: What does the customization of the controller cost?

An Xbox controller of the latest generation usually costs around 50 euros. The individualization is done not as expensive as you might think. Normally you pay 69.99 US dollars for this, the equivalent of around 59 euros. If you decide to engrave your controller, you pay another 10 US dollars.

A bright red Xbox controller will also be available soon:

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