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from Andreas Bertits
An interesting rumor is circulating on the Internet about the popular series Breaking Bad and its anti-hero Walter White. Actor Bryan Cranston has now reacted to this.

The series Breaking Bad was a big hit and even today, almost seven years after it ended, there are still interesting fan theories around the characters.

Attention! Here are spoilers!

Anti-hero and meth producer Walter White died in the final episode of the Breaking Bad series. However, fans still have the hope that he might have survived somehow and will return at some point. One particular curious fan theory is that Walter White survived and assumed a new identity. Since then he has lived as Hal Wilkerson and now has a family. Hal Wilkerson is the father in the series Malcolm in the middle and is also played by Walter White actor Bryan Cranston. A fun video of Hal Wilkerson waking up from a nightmare and telling his wife that he dreamed of being a meth dealer fueled that speculation.

The actor has now responded to this theory. He thinks the idea is funny, but said that Walter White is definitely dead. "I'm not at liberty to share this type of information without a security clearance," he joked in an interview with moderator Jimmy Fallon. "I think it's funny. But Walter White is definitely dead. He's dead, he's dead, he's dead, he's dead."

Fans believe that Walter White is still alive because the end of the series basically leaves open whether he might not be saved after all. Walter White fell to the ground from his gunshot wounds and lay lifeless there, but fans hope that doctors will arrive in time to help him. But as Bryan Cranston now explained, Walter White is definitely dead. This should not only invalidate the fan theory, nobody needs to hope for a possible return either.

Source: Gamespot

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