Brilliant toad mount with an Ardenwald look

from Matthias Brückle
Dataminer have discovered a new mount that we will probably get in WoW Shadowlands. The design is particularly impressive because it combines the toad model known from Battle for Azeroth with the fairytale elements of the Ardenwald.

As a new expansion, WoW Shadowlands naturally brings with it a large number of mounts. In addition to two-headed beasts from Maldraxxus and frightening jailer wauzis, there are, for example, majestic Ardendwald deer. The latter seem to be getting amphibious society. Because Dataminer have unveiled a fantastic new mount that definitely belongs in the Ardenwald:

Datamining has unveiled this cool frog mount in the Ardenwald look.

Datamining has revealed this cool frog mount in the Ardenwald look.

Source: Wowhead

Ardenwald frog mount with great details

The mount represents an ingenious further development, because the basic rigging model is by no means new, but has been given a great Shadowlands paint job by the developers. In this way you can see places where the primitive frog king even has moss growing on his skin. In addition, his face and feet are made of tree bark. With a sleeping mat and backpack on your saddle, you are also ready for long trips to the last corners of the shadowy land.

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Hopefully not as expensive as frogs in Battle for Azeroth

How and if the mount will officially be obtained in Shadowlands is not yet known. The toad mounts from Battle for Azeroth were in any case rather luxury goods for players who apparently couldn't do anything with their tower: 333,333 gold cost the three differently colored amphibians – so you are rid of a whopping million for the trio! So we can only hope that the frog from the Ardenwald is cheaper. With its unique look, it even justifies a high price.

What do you all mean? Did the new mount in WoW spark your interest? Write to us in the comments!

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