from Karsten Scholz
After the end of Mixer and the perma ban for Dr Disrespect on Twitch, the rumor spread around the web that the well-known streamer with ninja and shroud could go to a completely new streaming service: Brime. However, a FAQ round recently made it clear that this should be a project of a team of four.

After this permanent ban for Dr Disrespect on Twitch and the premature end of Mixer, through which the streaming greats ninja and shroud were suddenly no longer tied to one platform without an exclusive deal, fans of the trio wondered where they would publish their content in the future.

A rumor turned about a completely new streaming service with the name "Code Name – Brime", for which there is only one Twitter account so far, but which has already gathered over 85,000 followers – including the just mentioned Dr Disrespect, ninja and shroud. Some people suspected that Dr Disrespect was banned because he wanted to poach other streamers for the new platform.

News was announced for June 29, and there was one in the form of one Question and answer round. Here are the key findings:

  • Brime is actually supposed to be a new streaming platform that is said to be by gamers for gamers. The service is still under construction and is intended to provide a platform that is free from sexual harassment and aggression. In addition, streamers should receive improved functions for community maintenance. .
  • There is no big investor behind Brime, so the service does not come from Spotify, Google or any other large company.
  • On the contrary, only four passionate people are currently working on brime.
  • Just because someone is following Brime's account does not mean that that person will only stream on Brime. No confirmations can be given for any agreements.

The bottom line, it seems very unlikely that such a small project could afford to make a deal with streaming greats like Dr Disrespect, Ninja and shroud. It remains a mystery why Dr Disrespect was banned on Twitch. Although there are individuals on the net who claim that they know the reason, they want to remain silent for legal reasons (via PC games hardware).

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