Oribos is filled with hustle and bustle and the sound of heavy manual work is in the air. Instead of contemplative silence, there is hustle and bustle – even so lively that the elegantly dressed guardians keep withdrawing and whispering to one another. Why do the intruders not only have to be alive, but to make matters worse, be loud? Just as one of the guardians is about to nod wisely, he is roughly pushed aside. "Be careful! Hot and greasy!" When he takes a look below, he discovers a dwarf rumbling along with a huge pile of elethium ore in a box. "Paid a lot for it, you ghost candles, get out of the way!" While they look after the rattling, cursing dwarf, the keepers shake their heads. Why the intruders develop such a greed for stones will probably remain a mystery forever. When he arrives at the forge, the dwarf rudely tips his prey at the feet of a mechagnome.

"There, Elethium. I paid more than two thousand gold pieces for it, so make something of it." The mechagnome, meanwhile, pushes his reinforced ectoplasmic glasses onto his forehead and stares at his colleague in horror. "You have something?!" The dwarf snorts. "I bought your scrap metal, so start practicing! We're off to the raid today, so we need armor, goggles, and special ammunition. And you're wandering around instead of improving your skills!" With a short leap, the mechagnom jumps from his work box and waddles over to the muscular dwarf. "I could practice better if you weren't constantly wasting all of our gold! I also need solenium ore and not elethium ore, you bearded hooligan!" On the market square of Oribos, scraps of conversation drift to the ears of the guardians from time to time, which include things like "wrench monkey" and "monosynaptic muscle mule". Again the Guardians nod wisely.

WoW: Shadowlands Season 1 Survival Guide (Trailer)

The ways of mortals are unfathomable and their language strange. Shadowlands is finally here! With the launch of the expansion, not only our subject level and our own long-term motivation, but also the importance of the craft professions made a big leap forward. It finally makes sense again to invest time and money in your own DIY career! The reason for this lies on the one hand in the extremely strong objects that hardworking craftsmen create: In addition to the famous engineering glasses, enchantments and bottles, hobbyists are now also creating modular dark moon cards and even legendary objects – from armor of all types to jewelry.

On the other hand, the professions offer useful or amusing gadgets that give you a big advantage if you use it cleverly: groups of engineers, for example, sneak past complete dungeon counters, while blacksmiths and inscribers open locks. So that you as a freshly baked master craftsman are not completely blank, we take you by the hand and show you the cheapest paths to the maximum professional level. And because it should be worth it, we will give you a few tips afterwards to bring your bank account into shape a little by using the resource management at the start of the expansion for you. Here we go!

Forge your own destiny

We start with the classic craft trades. As a blacksmith you have already experienced good times (Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros sends greetings) and you have experienced bad times – in other words, the entirety of Battle for Azeroth. In Shadowlands, however, you have all the trumps in your hand again, because you are the ones who give your plate colleagues legendary armor.

WoW: How to bring your professions to the Shadowlands maximum cheaply (2)

WoW: How to bring your professions to the Shadowlands maximum cheaply (2)

Source: Buffed

In general, as a blacksmith you have to overcome a total of 100 steps and get them mastered quickly. A quick note: As a blacksmith, if you don't want to spend money in the auction house, you should manage your pocket spaces well. This is because there are a total of seven (!) Different types of ore and two different types of stone in Shadowlands. Prepare yourself for a very full backpack. We start with Porous whetstones to make until you get to level 15; the porous stones that you need for it can be found like sand on the sea.

From level 15 the stones turn green and thus only give a skill-up with a chance of about 25 percent – but these things are so cheap that it makes sense to use up your supply until you have reached level 20. Either way you create afterwards Laestritdietrichuntil you get to level 30. Then you have the choice between different weapons. If you are wondering why we don't build armor: Guns sell better in the auction house and we want to get as much of your gold back in as possible. We recommend, Ceremonial blades forge until you reach level 50.

From that point on, you make so many Shadow Dread Bars as you can. In the best case scenario, you plow up to level 100 by only creating shadow horror bars – which gives you 100 bars and the ability to instantly create four base legendarys. If you don't want to wait, you can bridge the gap by Shadowsteel Breastplates manufactures. However, the mere production of the bars is much more efficient.

Engineering for the recently deceased

With Shadowlands engineers get a lot of extremely useful gadgets: Be it the superhero landing that enables jumps from high cliffs or your personal invisibility belt, which you can use to jump over content in dungeons. The bad news first: You won't make a lot of money with engineering. And now the good news: you can bring the skill to its maximum level of 100 for a tip. This is because he uses gigantic amounts of materials that other professions only use in small batches – so if you want to use the auction house for leveling, you will not become poor.

We start making Porous abrasive and Leastrite bolt, because you will need these in large quantities later anyway. Craft both until you reach level 25. Then you grab them Time-blessed spring and the Worm-riddled gears. Construct both of them in turns until you reach level 45. Then you switch exclusively to the worm-penetrated gear, which you create from this point up to level 80 (!).

A dirt cheap way to increase your skill! With the Optical zoom magnifiersthat you tinker up to level 85, you can finally sell something in the auction house and earn a little change. From now on you can get one of the Ectoplasmic glasses choose, with the help of which you bring your skill to 100. Have fun screwing!

Drawn from the leather: Dress in the skin of your enemies!

A warning to start with: the heavy horn hide that you need for some of your recipes is still extremely rare. In the beta, the thing was called Schwerer Grambalg and fell so rarely that you had to mark the day in red in the calendar – so be very economical with your materials and try to steer your way to level 100 guaranteed increases. Whenever you can build materials instead of equipment, you choose the materials; your wallet will thank you.

WoW: How to bring your professions to the Shadowlands maximum cheaply (1)

WoW: How to bring your professions to the Shadowlands maximum cheaply (1)

Source: Buffed

We start with Gramleder until it turns gray at level 15, because you'll need a lot of it anyway. Manufactures Gram leather gauntlets until you reach level 21 and then saddle up to level 36 Gramkin helmets around. We'll remember again: items that give us several levels are almost always better than their competitors. Therefore, from this point on, you switch to the helmets that you design up to level 42. Created now Horn bellowsuntil the recipe turns gray, because, as always, you dust off skill points here while you create material that you will need later anyway.

From level 65 you have no choice but to make the expensive 60s items. Bite the bullet and create that three times Shadow-bound waist protectionuntil you reach level 71. From now on you will squeeze every single skill point out of the construction of the Heavy grief leatherthat you can snag until the recipe turns gray at level 85. Now is the one mentioned at the beginning Heavy grave hide your turn, which you produce up to level 95. Sews two more quickly Shadowbound legguards and you have already reached level 100.

The dead little tailor: lightning fast to level 100

Happy news: Tailoring is one of the easiest jobs to do when it comes to leveling! If you keep a pile of veils, you will probably have completed the way to level 100 in one session. Starts building Veil bandagesuntil you reach level 15. The things are still green and only cost one unit of fabric, that Veil cape requires only four units and is guaranteed to give you two skill points.

So swing the needle and make capes up to level 31. Now swings up Veil hoods and produces this up to level 37, sews one Veils Spauldersso that you reach level 40 and rub your hands: you just got Heavy veil bandages unlocked! Comfortably chop your veil bandages until you reach level 65. Now you have to make a decision: You can either continue to produce green veil bandages and move up with a 25 percent chance, or to orange ones Shadow yarn cords switch with a chance of 100 percent.

We strongly recommend that you tailor bandages, because one unit of lightless silk is worth an estimated 50 units of veil fabric – and you need four units of silk for a cord. Remember, we want to save gold! At level 75 you finally have no choice but to Shadow yarn ball to create, but with three guaranteed skill points per cowl, the use of materials is justifiable at this point. At level 87 you tailor one Shadow yarn tunic, with 90 two Shadow yarn pants and one Shadow yarn coat – et voilà, your master tailor arrives at level 100.

Oribos roulette

If you want to upgrade your craft professions, you should know what the color coding means in your little recipe booklet. In general, orange recipes give you a 100 percent chance of a skill-up. However, as soon as you are high enough for the recipe to switch to yellow, things get a little more complicated: On average, yellow recipes give you a 75 percent chance of a skill-up. In practice, however, recipes that have just turned to yellow are significantly more effective than recipes that are about to turn green.

Green recipes give you an average chance of 25 percent of a skill-up, but here too, freshly "green" recipes have a higher chance than recipes that are about to turn gray. What does that mean in practice? They say you should always use the recipe that you can make for a tip. The thing about the probability is that a green recipe won't give you a skill-up every fourth use, but every single time with an average chance of 25 percent – and if we're already playing roulette, we can also with a minimum Go for maximum profit!

Enchanting turns out to be enchantingly cheap!

All enchanters can breathe a sigh of relief because the profession is no longer as expensive in its level phase as it was in the BfA. The later levels are even practically given to you! So let's go. The first thing you do before buying piles of dust from the auction house or enchanting your equipment is to disenchant green junk items from the Shadowlands until you reach level 25. Anything else would be terribly inefficient, especially since you have to overcome a total of 115 steps.

Would you like some refreshment? The professions are not only ideal for earning gold, but also simplify your way through the Shadowlands.

Would you like some refreshment? The professions are not only ideal for earning gold, but also simplify your way through the Shadowlands.

Source: Buffed

From level 25 we level with the recipe Heavenly guidance, because the Enchanted twilight wand additionally required Twilight Bark and we avoid all unnecessary expenses. And just to be on the safe side: scribble all of your enchantments on enchanting parchment so that you can then sell them in the auction house. From level 31 you swing up Holy values until you reach 40. Created now to 45 den Critical Hit Trade, then to 50 den Trading the pace and then to 55 den Trade of championship.

Now swings up Soul vitality which you put on paper up to level 70. Now it's getting amusing: Create up to level 90 with your holy shards exclusively Eternal crystals – which you break down into splinters with a click in the inventory and then, you guessed it, put them back together to form crystals. 20 free levels! Created now to 95 Teaching versatility, until 100 Eternal values and up to 110 Lightless power. You can bridge the last five levels either with Eternal Values ​​or Lightless Power, depending on what these two materials are currently costing you in the auction house.

Inscription: The Schreiber-Guild has

Money Problems And We Need To Know! What we actually mean by this is that you will most likely need a whopping 800 Death Blossoms and 40 Nightshades to get to the Darkmoon Cards – which is ultimately why many players choose Inscription. So prepare yourself to leave a lot of money in the auction house or to clear the flower beds of the Shadowlands area-wide.

We start with this up to level 25 Luminous ink to make, because the whole thing is cheap and we need the material later anyway. Crafts up to level 30 Tomb clearing documents i on and you activate the mass grinding. Now use them up to level 60 Mass grinding of death flowers. The things are dirt cheap and grow practically everywhere, but you need a whopping 20 pieces per skill point. Since you need the materials for the practice of inscription anyway, it would be criminal to level your profession differently.

From level 60 you stick to the Silent inkuntil you reach level 70. Ten more steps and you can draw dark moon cards to your heart's content, so let's go. Swing your pen, make ten Fonts of versatility and you did it! If you want, you can now create more fonts or Darkmoon cards to bring your profession to level 115. However, since there are no further recipes, the overwhelming proportion of the player base will from now on only concentrate on making the cards. Have fun writing!

Expensive Klunkerkunde: Bring your jewelry to the max

Jewelers simply reach the maximum value of 100 over long distances by probing, which is why we immediately start processing ore. We used Leastrite ore for this, but in the end you simply choose the clunkers that are in large numbers in your bank compartment. Choose the simple probing up to level 20 and then climb onto the Bulk probing around.

Correct, that means that you use 20 units of ore per skill point, so swing the pickaxe – you will need the essences of bondage and bravery that you sometimes gain from it later for your Legendarys. So probe up to level 50 and say goodbye to your bank account. Those who don't want to get their hands dirty will have to invest a lot of gold in their job. From level 50 you use the Versatile jewelery associationthat you produced until 65; tinkers Masterful jewelery association until you reach level 85.

Finished! Now you can learn the rest of the recipes and start making money from your profession. If you still want to climb to level 100, the best way to do this is through the construction Masterful phaedrum necklaces and rings of the same name, because after all, you have previously created a lot of the necessary jewel associations. So sell your clunkers, you master cutters!

Witcher and how they practice their alchemy

WoW: How to bring your professions to the Shadowlands maximum cheaply (3)

WoW: How to bring your professions to the Shadowlands maximum cheaply (3)

Source: Buffed

At last alchemists have the opportunity again to brew cool fighting potions and everyday elixirs! Less lame raid improvements and more Geralt-von-Rivia coolness increase long-term motivation enormously. On top of that, the way to the new maximum level of 175 is nowhere near as intimidating as it looks at the beginning. So roll up your sleeves and create Spiritual Healing Potions until you reach level 10.

Produce embalming oil up to level 15 and then switch to Ground Death Blossoms, which you will need later for the Shadow Stone, your daily transmutation. That's why we start the assembly line up to level 40 and produce our ground death blossoms until the recipe turns gray – don't worry, you are guaranteed to process the things completely over time! Bridged the distance to 45 by creating Soak the hidden spirit and then swings open immediately Ground marrow roots that you produce up to level 62. You fill up to level 80 in your contemplative laboratory (or on the street) Ghost Swift Potions from.

Now make your mortar ready again, because you are allowed up to level 97 Ground torches create. After three Speed ​​potions of the psychopompos you finally arrive at level 100. It's almost halfway through! The Potion of Hardened Shadows gets you up to 105 what you get up to Ground widow's flower saddles that you produce up to level 125. Created that Time of the craft noviceuntil you reach level 132 and bridges the distance to 135 with Drinking the Divine Awakening.

Bride now Potions of Deadly Fixationuntil you reach level 150. Do this five times Craftsman's Mark I and then choose one of the four spectral attribute potions – we choose the one for example Potion of Spectral Strength. Fill up potions up to level 170 and be patient. The most economical way to get the last five points is through the production of shadow stones, which you can only create once a day. Bottom up!

Boil or die … all over again

Vampire table service
The best feast so far has been hidden behind an awe-inspiring reputation at the harvesters' court – this means that aspiring professional chefs have to park one of their main or secondary characters in the dilapidated Venthyr booth.
Buff food and especially the feasts are extremely important for content of any kind, so put on your aprons because we have to climb 100 steps. We change recipes extremely often, but still primarily need fish; So amateur anglers have a big advantage. We start with the pansch of Sour Meat Smoothies (uh!) that bring us to level 15. Then the Bone fish stew with cinnamon produced until we have reached level 20 and then up to level 25 Meaty apple turnovers swing around. Then choose the Toffee marinated ribs up to level 35 and the Candied mackerel cakes up to level 40.

The Banana pudding with beef sounds disgusting, but is still created up to level 50, after which you up to 55 Creeper ravioli with apple sauce relocated. The shadowy one Roast crown in aspic gets you to level 65, that Fantasy soufflé with fries on 75 and that Surprisingly enjoyable feast finally at 85. Whew, almost there! You cook up to level 100 Braised clubsthat sound delicious (finally!) and bring your last job to the max. We hope you have a lot of craft fun exploring the Shadowlands with your brand-new clothes – or earning a golden nose in the auction house!

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