Bring the corruption, not the player

"Bring the player, not the class." is a mantra that has been preached in WoW since Vanilla. Since then, we've been hiking on a long, rocky road to class balance in World of Warcraft (buy now for € 31.95), On the way to Cataclysm all classes should play the same. Shortly before Legion we made a detour towards "Class Identity", only to hear Q&A from lead game designer Ion Hazzikostas shortly before BfA, that "sometimes you have to take the classes with you, not the player."

At the end of BfA, the motto is "Bring the corruption, not the player". Because no matter how well you play your character, what class you play or how good your equipment is: If you don't have the right corruption effect, you will perform significantly worse than everyone else. The strength of some effects cannot be surpassed in absurdity.

Easy OP - Infinite stars for some classes.

Easy OP – Infinite stars for some classes.


The most exaggerated effects (even after the nerfs) for damage dealers are Infinite Stars, Twilight Devastation, and Echoing Void. By the way, for healers there are not such blatant effects. If I find a 430 belt with infinite star rank 3 with my shadow priest, my damage increases by a good 7,000 dps. It's like putting on my best-in-slot piece of jewelry in addition to the other two trinkets. Some classes increase their single target damage from Infinite Stars by over 20 percent.

I can't remember a feature, item, or other effect in WoW that got a character's performance out of control. Not even Legendarys in Legion have improved a character's value so much. And that was the time when some players chose their main character based on who got the first or better Legendary after the expansion started.

If you get the best out of your character every day, but are just unlucky and don't get any of the best corruption effects, you deal significantly less damage than a twink of a raid colleague who has 30 item levels less. For some ambitious guilds this means: no luck = space on the bench. I'm actually just waiting for the M + metaslave community to only invite players who have echoing emptiness or twilight devastation.

"LFG one more Big Pumper – Twilight Dev or Ech Void only, will inspect"

I miss Titanforging

Yeah, I didn't think I would say it one day, but the chance of getting the same item with up to 15 item levels was more exciting and thoughtful than the doom. If the graphic effect pops up that an item has been upgraded, I just think: "Oh boy, which of the 17 different effects – 14 of which are rubbish – I guess I got this time." And even if the correct effect is on the item, it still depends on what rank it is. The game doesn't tell you that, by the way. Damn, the game doesn't even tell you what the effect itself is called, which Otton normal players then have to look up in the tables and calculations of the guides.

Nothing learned from benthic items to recognize the strength of Corrupted Items is impossible for Otton normal players at first glance.

Nothing learned from benthic items to recognize the strength of Corrupted Items is impossible for Otton normal players at first glance.

Source: Mithos91

Basically, the chance is 1 to 51 to hit the jackpot. Well, and then the item itself should still have the highest available item level and the ideal values. I'll leave it up to you what the chance is. Oh and did I mention that the best thing is a proct socket? No matter…

Even if I get the ideal item with Infinite Stars, it is usually only good in single-target damage, so ideally for Mythic Plus and other boss encounters, I also want to have the right effect (at the highest rank at the highest item level with the ideal values) ). So the spoilage system is something of a kind of bad titanium forging on steroids. Even more frustrating is the fact that all effects are passive. My playing skills are not in demand – except to put myself closer to the mobs with some effects.

The best is the curse effect

It sounds strange, but the best thing about the Kiss / Curse effect of the Corrupted Items is the negative effects. As a player, I am left with the choice of how much corruption I create and how and whether I can deal with the effects. This is basically the only aspect of this feature that I would have liked to see from the positive effect.

It could have been worse

We will never know whether too many perfectionists with their high Blizzard standard have thrown too many features over the top, or whether the WoW team, like other departments, was affected by the more than 800 layoffs. It is very striking that the most important class features have hardly been tested at all.

Azerite armor was installed on the test realm two weeks before the release of BfA and the feedback was ignored. Fortunately, the essences that were not planned at the beginning of the expansion turned out to be good, but were the killing blow for players who otherwise play several twinks. Corruption effects were not tested at all in PvP.

In the end, however, it has to be said that for all of these features being "planned" shortly before and thrown onto the live server, we were still lucky with how they turned out in the end. I hope that the reason for this feature fiasco is organizational or similar. and the discontinuation of Patch 8.3.5 is due to the fact that Blizzard does not do this in the next expansion and the developers are now fully focused on Shadowlands.

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