The MMORPG developed by the Polish developer studio Whitemoon puts you in a fantasy world in which you are supposed to unite a nation that was torn apart by conflict. You take on the role of a refugee who becomes a hero.

An MMORPG that looks like Baldur’s Gate

You create a hero from 7 classes. Each class uses its own skills that you have to use tactically. The choices are:

  • Barbar
  • Archer
  • Sheed
  • Druid
  • Voodoo Shaman
  • Fire Mage
  • Knight

Story is an important element of the game. In the course of the plot you will learn more about the background to the invasion of the Utorians in the land of Taernia, you have to overcome your own fears and finally fight for the freedom of your country. All of this sounds more like a single-player role-playing game. Especially since the world is changing and you can participate in these changes.

The game is played from an isometric perspective. So you see the beautiful 2D world diagonally from above and steer your character through cities, villages, wilderness areas, forests and dungeons. At first glance, Broken Ranks is graphically reminiscent of the first two games in the popular RPG series Baldur’s Gate.

The trailer gives you an insight into the MMORPG:

Fight round by round with friends

The MMORPG’s combat system stands out in particular. Because if you meet an enemy in the game world, the action changes to a battle screen. In this screen, the opponents face each other. Fighting takes place in rounds, and you have to use your hero’s skills in a tactical way.

If you are in a group with other players, then everyone in the fights has around ten seconds to plan their move, which is then carried out after this planning phase. It is also important in the confrontations that you can combine the skills of the different classes. Therefore, a good team play is important if you want to defeat powerful bosses with combos.

A closed beta of Broken Ranks will take place from May 14th to May 30th. For this you can go to the official website sign. Simply enter your e-mail address directly on the homepage, click on “Sign Up” and if you are selected for the beta, you will receive the login details.

Initially, a release for PC is planned. The developers want to publish Broken Ranks at a later date as a mobile game for Android and iOS devices.

The MMORPG Broken Ranks does not have a release date yet. The release will probably be made dependent on the feedback from players from the closed beta.


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