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Broomstick League should especially take a closer look at Harry Potter fans. The unofficial Qudditch game will not include any elements from the Potter universe, but followers are likely to recognize the similarities to the template relatively quickly. The title will be launched as an early access version in March 2020. The new trailer also gives interested fans another look at Broomstick League.

Harry Potter fans will soon be able to look forward to an unofficial Quidditch title on Steam. Publisher Blue Isle and the Virtual Basement team have a new trailer too Broomstick League released, which among other things reveals the release of the game. From March 5, 2020, the multiplayer title will be available as an early access version for the PC. While fans won't find Harry Potter elements in the game, Broomstick League is similar to Quidditch in many areas.

As in the template, the figures fly with their brooms through various arenas and, among other things, have the ability of their magic wand to steal the ball from the opponents' hands. The characters and brooms can also be customized with numerous items according to your own wishes. Closed test phases for players have already taken place over the past few weeks. There is still no price for the early access version of Broomstick League. If you participated in the closed beta, you can look forward to a discount on release.

For the launch, you can compete against each other online or in LAN mode in various duels (1v1, 2v2, 3v3). Features like a progress system or statistics are also included in the game. With future updates, Broomstick League is also to be expanded to include tournaments, a training mode or modifiers.

Source: Steam

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